Babylon Rising, Intro and A Message

Lest we worry that Babylon Rising will not live up to the expectations created by the Left Behind series, we begin with a short (a very short) intro in which Tim LaHaye informs us that “I am more excited about Babylon Rising than any of my previous books.”  (Emphasis his)

The book is dedicated to 1) General Lew Wallace, author of Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ.  Haven’t read it myself, but apparently it taught Tim that fiction can be “both thrilling and instructive,” and can simultaneously appeal to both a Christian and secular audience.  I am now prepared to be thrilled and instructed.

2) Jerry Jenkins—sorry I didn’t pick you to “co-write” with me this time, Jer!  Good luck recycling our ideas in Underground Zealot!

3) Greg Dinallo—Co-writer for this book.  But not for the others.  Sorry, Greg.

4) “the Hebrew Prophets” for, you know, prophesying some stuff.

By the way, poor Greg…take a look at the cover…

Creator of Left Behind…New York Times Bestselling author…TIM LAHAYE

Oh, and some guy named Greg.  He helped, too.

And then, to top it all off, “A Message from Tim LaHaye.”

Tim repeats that he is more excited about Babylon Rising than any previous book.  But not too excited to take a minute to plug the Left Behind series (54 million in print and growing!!) for those readers of this book who might not have heard of it (right).

In fact, Tim is so excited that he named the hero after his son-in-law.  I can only assume that the real Michael Murphy is a lot easier to be around than the fictional Michael Murphy, who, we will see, suffers from many of the same faults as our “heroes” in the LB series, including an ego the size of Montana, and an utter inability to listen to criticism or opposing points of views.

Lest we wonder, even for a moment, if our new hero is up to the task (of not being seen as a wuss when compared to Rayford Steele), Tim reassures us before we have even started the story: “Murphy is a scholar in both archeology and Biblical prophecy, but unlike other scholars, he is also a complete adventurer and risk-taker when he is on the trail of ancient artifacts that can help to further authenticate the truth of the Bible…”

This is the first, but far from the last time, that LaHaye will take the opportunity to bash scholars, “ivory-tower intellectuals,” and basically anyone affiliated with higher education in any way (except, of course, Our Hero).

Hmmm, an archeologist and a “complete adventurer”?  Why do I get the sense I’ve heard of this character before…

Dun da dun dunnnnnnn

“…Murphy is a man of action and a man of faith, a true hero for our times…”

He’s awesome, take my word for it!  C’mon, buy the book!  This guy is totally gonna rock at least as hard as Rayford Steele!

And after all that, finally, finally, we get to Chapter One.

Let’s see if Michael Murphy is As Advertised…


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  1. Oh god this looks atrocious. I will happily read along.

  2. Just found my way here via Slacktivist. Now I know how I’m going to be spending this rainy Sunday afternoon!

  3. AndrewTheEternal

    When slacktivist just doesn’t shred horrible books fast enough anymore…

    Hopefully, digesting enough literary criticism will eventually improve my own writing a little.

  4. “for those readers of this book who might not have heard of it (right).”

    This is the same cult that believes it’s possible to grow up in the United States of America and never hear of that Jesus fellow or his story in at least broad strokes.

  5. Gandalf Umbridge

    I have now heard of it. Slacktivist should try shredding the “Maradonia Saga”. A simple:

  6. Gandalf Umbridge

    simple = sample

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