Babylon Rising, Chapter 1, Part 1

Michael Murphy is falling through “a terrible dark abyss…all six feet three inches of him.”

Tim LaHaye sure likes his heroes tall.  Rayford Steele was six foot four.  Perhaps making Mike an inch shorter is his way of not challenging the manly manliness of Rayford.

It really makes me wonder how tall Tim LaHaye is.

Just by comparison, I’m betting not six foot four…

Not 6'4"

Why is Mike falling, you may ask?

Because some crazy old coot called Methuselah has tempted Mike to a deserted warehouse in Raleigh to retrieve an unspecified archeological artifact.

For the past couple of years, Methuselah has invited Mike to crazy death traps, the prize for surviving them being priceless treasures “that any archeologist would drool for.”

But although Methuselah tries his “weird best” to kill Murphy, that isn’t the worst part.  You see, during these challeges, Methuselah has the audacity to taunt Murphy about his faith.


Look, trying to kill me so you can give me treasure is one thing, Methuselah.  But to make fun of religion?  You’ve crossed the line, dude.


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  1. Good lord, I somehow had managed to forget how insanely creepy-looking LaHaye is. Nightmare fuel.

  2. Only 3 inches! How sad!!

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