Babylon Rising, Chapter 2

So now we switch gears and head on over to Babylon, 604 B.C.  King Nebuchadnezzar has had a crazy, terrifying dream that he totally can’t remember even a little, so calls in the soothsayers and fortune-tellers from the land of Stereotypia to figure it out for him.  Duh, they can’t.  Cause it’s, you know, a friggin’ dream.  But one of the soothsayers has the bright idea to pass the buck along to a Hebrew named Daniel.

That’s it.  That’s Chapter 2.  These Babylon chapters promise to be really boring.


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  1. So, wait, he dedicates entire chapters to recounting a story that’s in the Bible?

    Well, I suppose technically that’s what he claims the Left Behind is, but still…

  2. The chapter itself is only three or four pages, so that’s not much of a surprise.

    However, there is a pretty glaring Critical Research Failure in there. One of the sychophant-diviners suggests that the forgotten dream was an adulation from Kishar. The problem is that, if I remember correctly, the diviner refers to Kishar as a “he”.

    The Babylonians regarded Kishar as a SHE.

    Most of the second generation of Igigi were from her and her brother Anshar (it wasn’t just the Theoi who first had to resort to sibling incest…). So if LaHaye thinks Anshar and Kishar were both male, who bore the REST of the Igigi?

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