Babylon Rising, Chapter 4, Part 1

Having heard this book before I read it, my theory, at the time I concocted it, was not based on any cheating by the giveaway on the inside front cover.

The above sentence will hopefully become clear in a moment.

I was first introduced to Babylon Rising by hearing Jason Culp read it on CD.  (I cannot recommend this method of discovering Christian literature highly enough.  Not only is it a great way to keep occupied during a long car trip or a farming slog on WoW, but some of the readers (esp. Jason Culp for the Babylon Rising series and Frank Muller for the Left Behind series) are quite excellent.)  Jason Culp very nearly manages to make Michael Murphy almost likeable, with his gravelly but cheerful voice.

If I believed in them, I would call that a minor miracle.

So, my long-winded point is: when I first heard Chapter 4, I was immediately convinced that Laura Murphy was not long for this book.

Here’s why:

Laura’s beautiful.

She knows first aid.

She gives Mikey only the mildest of scoldings for his dealings with Methuselah (you know, the stunts wherein in Mike risks his life for saliva-worthy treasures).  In fact, “Murphy’s fearless passion for bringing the truth of the Bible to light was a big part of why she loved him.”

She gets him a comforting cuppa tea for him to sip as he recounts his lion adventure.

She is, in other words, the flawless, pure, beautiful, selfless, Christian wife.

She’s dead meat.

Think, just for a moment, of the proliferation of stories, especially in the action-adventure genre, of the bickering/separated couple coming together in a crisis, or the meet-cute of a love-hate couple, their arguing and competitiveness only masking their mutual attraction.  One of the hardest things for any writer of fiction to portray is a happy, secure, committed romantic relationship.

I’ve seen it done, but I don’t think LaHaye and Dinallo can pull it off.

Laura’s going to be killed.

Let’s not even mention the fact that the Murphys don’t have kids.

Now, for those who are introduced to the novel by reading it, not hearing it, there is a not-so-subtle clue to Laura’s fate in the inside front cover…




(Emphasis mine)

So yeah.  Dead meat.  And since I am the kind of person who is notoriously bad at being able to guess the ending of the movie, the identity of the killer, etc., I am damn well taking credit for this one.

Laura Murphy’s a goner.


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  1. She also might end up in a coma and miraculously wake up in the end of the book…

  2. Perhaps this is simply proof that I’d make a poor Manly! hero, but if I’d just fought a lion so that I could obtain, say, Fermat’s last theorem, or a random sampling of books from the Library of Alexandria, or a similar science-based artifact/treasure then I doubt I’d just go home and have tea. No matter if I was married to a demigod or not.

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