Babylon Rising, Chapter 4, Part 2

A few random observations about Chapter 4, which consists entirely of Mike and Laura discussing Methuselah’s attempt to kill Mike and give him an article that will prove his Christian faith, which Meth mocks at every opportunity.

Yeah, I still don’t get it, either.

1.  We still have no idea what our hero or his wife look like.

For those of you familiar with the Left Behind books, you know this is a common theme with LaHaye.  The physical characteristics of his protagonists (aside from height, and even then, only for the men) are a state secret.  We’re through Chapter 4, and thus far only know that Mikey is tall and thinks that Laura is “beautiful.”  (Well, she’s his wife–I certainly hope he thinks she’s beautiful.)

2.  Mike has no remorse whatsoever about risking his life.  It is worth noting that all he did, prior to heading off to Raleigh to meet up with Meth, was “dash off a quick note” for Laura.  Had Meth and the lion succeeded in their respective tasks, that dashed-off note would have been all she knew of her husband’s grisly fate.

Nice husband.

His excuse is: “I’m just not a half-measure kind of man.  I love my work full-tilt, I try to love God full-tilt, and above all else, I love you full-tilt.  It’s a package deal, sweetheart…”

So according to Murphy, not heading to a deserted warehouse to battle a lion to retrieve a clue stored in a collar around the lion’s neck…is a half-measure.



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  1. Gotta love how his complete and total love for his wife means that he can’t write her notes and is forced to risk his life in various ludicrously over-the-top death traps.

    That sounds more to me like desperately trying to escape from an utterly soul-crushing life than the act of someone who is completely in love with every aspect of his existence.

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