Babylon Rising, Chapter 5

So a window washer and a contract killer walk into a bar…

C’mon, laugh!  It’s funny!

Chapter 5 switches gears (again) and introduces us to Talon.  Talon is a cold-blooded killer hired by The Seven.  He strikes up a conversation with a “boring” window washer named Farley in a bar in New York, and invites him out for a burger.

Were I feeling uncharitable, I might view this as Talon asking Farley out out, which invitation Farley accepts, thus confirming him to be gay, and thus deserving of the fate in store for him, because…Talon kills Farley!

And Talon’s been in disguise the whole time!

“Only then [when they were on a deserted street] did the stranger turn to look at Farley. But the face that Farley saw before him now was an entirely different one.  Gone were the gray wig, the glasses, and the nose.”

So, really, by process of elimination, we already have a better description of one of our villains than we do of our heroes.  Talon does not have gray hair, glasses, or a nose.

Not only does Talon not have a nose, he has no right index finger.  He has a fake finger “carefully sculpted and tinted to look real.  Except for the very tip, where the nail should be, which was honed to a deadly edge.”

This edge, he uses to slit the window washer’s throat.  Which, admittedly, is pretty bad-ass.

Except that now I have to wonder what else Talon uses the deadly edge for.  Does he slice vegetables with it?  Also, it must make it hard for him to wash his hair or shake hands…or take change without arousing suspicion.

“Your change is $2.81, sir.  Did you want any Fire Sauce with your ord-OWWWWW!”

So, having disposed of the body “where it would never be found” (ominously or unimaginatively left blank), Talon is free to assume the identity of the window washer.  What he will be the next step in this apocalyptic plan???


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  1. Okay, how can that fake right index finger possibly be attached to his hand/arm firmly enough to cut someone’s throat with it?

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