Babylon Rising, Chapter 7, Part 2

So Michael Murphy has not checked the enrollment for his own (and only) class.  What teacher doesn’t do that, not least so he’ll know how many syllabi to print out?  Idiot.  Anyway, because he’s a doofus and didn’t check, he’s astonished to find a full house.  And as if he needed any additional support, his little girlfriend biggest fan personal knight in shining armor research assistant Shari is there.  Is she auditing?  Because if she is as advanced a student as her later actions indicate, she is way too advanced for this course which, after all, is meant for any and all students, not just Biblical Archeology majors.

Mike opens with a lame Matrix joke (ooooo, topical!), and asks the class how they can know if events in the Bible actually took place.  One girl gives the “’cause the Bible sez so” answer, but is drowned out by the apparent class joker and skeptic, who demands “solid proof.”

Mike’s response?  “You know, when I was your age I was a skeptic, too.”

Really?  I’d like some corroborating evidence for that, please.

“Maybe I still am.”

No, Mike.  No, you are not.  You are many things, but a skeptic is not one of them.

“Christians are supposed to take the truth of the Bible on faith.  But sometimes faith needs a helping hand.  That’s where Biblical archeology comes in.”

Keep this statement in mind.  Keep it in mind as 1) Mike blindly accepts all evidence (and “evidence”) that corroborates his predetermined answers, and dismisses all that does not, and 2) Mike maintains that his course has nothing to do with proselytizing.

Mike tosses out “statistics” that corroborate his opinion, culminating with, “not one piece of evidence has been unearthed that disputes the Bible’s authenticity.”

Well, except for that pesky little science known as “geology,” which rather more than “disputes” the idea of a worldwide flood.

Also biology.  Yanno, that pesky eeevil Darwinian stuff.  Also tends to poke a hole in the idea of an ark that can hold every animal on the planet.

But Mike is well-versed in sleight of hand.  He opened with asking the students about Noah’s ark.  Then he states that the student’s demand for “solid proof” is reasonable.  But when the student is unsatisfied with generalities about “not one piece of evidence,” Murphy deftly changes the subject, as follows:

“I’d still want to see, like, Noah’s rudder if you want to sell me on the Ark being real.”

Murphy smiled.  “Well, no one has yet found the rudder of the Ark.  But here’s something you might find interesting.”  *puts a slide of James’ Ossuary on the screen*

Dude, seriously, why’d you even bring up the stupid Ark if you couldn’t make a point?  Dumbass.


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  1. ”You know, when I was your age I was a skeptic, too.”

    Doubtless next we’ll be told that he was just rebelling, or hated God personally and so became an atheist, or something.

    Perhaps we’ll also hear how he had to walk uphill both ways to school.

    “not one piece of evidence has been unearthed that disputes the Bible’s authenticity.”

    Ah, his previous statements, combined with this, indicate that clearly he’s been possessed by Lee Strobel’s muse. If he starts going on about the flaws in Evolution I may have to call for an exorcism.

  2. GDwarf, just wait until the second book. Anti-evolution all the way!

  3. Woah, style change.

  4. Consumer Unit 5012

    Biblical Archaeology? What, no Mormon Archaeology*?

    *(The only scientific discipline whose findings are in line with Mormon teachings about history. Funny how that works…)

  5. Hi, Ruby!

    I like your blog and would like to subscribe to your newsletter… er, I mean I’d like to subscribe to your RSS feed, but I can’t find it.

    Can you point me in the right direction?


    Michèle my bell-flower (from Slacktivist)

  6. ::pops in::
    ::waves to the rest of the Slacktivites::
    ::pops back out::

    (Just thought you’d like to know you have people reading this!)

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