Babylon Rising, Chapter 8, Part 2

Ah, young love.  The tender yearnings of two innocent souls as they discover the fair beauty of…

Oh, forget it.  It’s just Paul (the student Murphy snapped at in class for having the audacity of knowing the right answer) crushing on Shari (Murphy’s “research assistant”).

Paul has apparently been stalking Shari, as he has been waiting outside the door of Murph’s lab for Shari to emerge.  No, that’s not creepy.

And then…I can’t believe it!  I’m sitting here reading it, but I still can’t believe it.  We have a description of a protagonist in a LaHaye novel!

With her jet-black hair tied back in a short ponytail, and dark blue jogging pants and sweatshirt, she looked as if she didn’t work on the way she looked.  But the effect, especially with those sparkling green eyes, was captivating.

This, bear in mind, when we still know nothing of what Murph or his wife look like, except that Murph is tall.  Weird.

Anyway, Paul decides the best way to break the ice with a cute girl is to apologize to her for no rational reason.  He says he’s sorry for what he said during the lecture.  For the record, all he said was:

  1. Many medieval relics were fakes (true)
  2. The Shroud of Turin is probably a fake (true)
  3. Carbon dating is used to discover the age of certain objects (true)

So I don’t really see the point of an apology.  Neither does Shari, but Paul looks pointedly at the cross around her neck, apparently seeing his statements as offensive to any Christian.  Shari’s response?

“I didn’t think you were being a jerk, not at all.  Actually, when it comes to the really big questions, maybe it’s the atheists who don’t like to ask them.” (emphasis hers)


Sorry.  It’s just that stupid Murphy has declared that any and all artifacts that just might be Biblical are for reals just because he hopes they are, and now it’s the atheists who don’t ask the tough questions?

This is why face-palms were invented.

But Paul is not offended.  Why should he be?  Shari is the author’s mouthpiece here, so her assertion is obviously true, and there is no good argument to be made.

Let’s leave aside the fact that there has been no indication so far that Paul even is an atheist.  Must one really be an atheist to accept that medieval relics and the Shroud of Turin are fakes?

Paul is so bowled over by the beauty of Shari’s sweatshirt that she has to be the one to issue the invitation—for coffee and doughnuts in the cafeteria.  Ah, romance.


plus doughnut...

= Tru Luvs 4-EVR!!!


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  1. Must one really be an atheist to accept that medieval relics and the Shroud of Turin are fakes?

    We are the atheists. Resistance is futile. Your cultural and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Your culture will adapt to service ours.

  2. The last post wasn’t introducing Hattie, but Chloe! Oh god. Oh god that casts the (already disturbing) sexual tension between Shari and Murphy in a horrifying paternalistic light.


  3. We ask a lot of questions, Shari dear. You refuse to listen and then you pretend we didn’t.

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