The Europa Conspiracy: I Haz It

Book 3 in the Babylon Rising series!

Got it today as part of a bag-o-books sale. 


Thrill as Michael Murphy chases chicks and tries to find the handwriting on the wall!

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  1. …You’re kidding about that last part, right? Please? They don’t actually look through Babylonian ruins to find a wall with writing on it?

    • GDwarf, I am so not kidding.

      • …Alright, so, even accepting that the Bible was correct with that story, why would the writing still be around? Are we to assume that the Babylonian rulers from the time the words appeared until the eventual collapse of the empire just left a list of currencies on the wall? A list of currencies that supposedly fortold their doom?

        Let’s say they did leave it there, how has it survived this long?

        But let’s assume that all of that has happened, the writing has been left untouched by man or time. Why bother to look for it? It wouldn’t prove anything.

        …Ah well, at least it’s more creative (in a very insane sort of way) than I was expecting. The series promises to be mind-boggling, if nothing else.

  2. Vaguely on-topic: I saw this

    and thought of Michael Murphy.

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