Babylon Rising, Chapter 12

Murphy is mulling over the phrase Horns of the Ox, and, holy crap…

With more than a bit of both his professional and male pride rebounding…

Okay, what???  Seriously, what???  How has this guy ever survived in academia, if his pride is hurt by asking a colleague for help with a problem that is outside his field of expertise??? 

And to top it all off, it was a woman colleague who helped!  A woman knew something that he did not! 

WTF is this Preston University anyway?  Do they not hire female professors?  LaHaye promised us that this story takes place in the present day, not 1890…

But don’t worry, Murphy’s ego is going to be okay.  After all…

…now that she had given him her interpretation, it seemed crystal clear.

Yeah, he totally didn’t need her and her world-renowned linguistic skills.  He was fine, just needed a teensy push in the right direction.  It was just a time-saver, really, not like he actually needed help from a woman.

Except…um…he does need help.  Again.  From a woman.

But it’s okay, because it’s his wife.

For a few hours he pored over his map texts, but he realized that no one knew the ancient landscapes better than his own wife.  Her studies of ancient cities gave her an encyclopedic knowledge that he now needed.

So it took him a few hours to remember that his wife is an expert in ancient landscapes?  What a dumbass.

Murphy tracks down Laura to give him a hand.  To give credit where it is due, he acknowledges to Laura that “it was really Dr. McDonald” who figured out the scroll.  Good thing his male pride rebounded.

So, to recap: not okay to give a manly man any professional assistance, even if he asks for it, even if it is outside his own field of study.  Because it hurts his manly feelings.

Exception: you are married to him.


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  1. Surely the general rules of marriage that RTCs seem to endorse means that it should be “Especially if you are married to him.”

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