Babylon Rising, Chapter 19

At the suggestion of redcrow, I have done some preliminary casting for Babylon Rising: The Movie.  Thus: Chapter 19!

(The bolded are actual lines from the book.)

Starring :

William Petersen as Michael Murphy

Faith Hill as Laura Murphy



Terrorist Puppet as Saif 


  I can’t believe Saif didn’t help us, just because we were being shot at with an AK-47!  Of all the nerve!


  *gasp*  Mr. Saif, are you okay?  Your head is bleeding!  Are you dead?

  *coming to*  Mrs. Murphy!  Praise Allah you are safe!  A robber attacked me.  I am sorry he took your treasure.

  What do you mean, suspicious Arab man?  We weren’t robbed.  We were just shot at.  Now, drive us to the airport.  After all, that’s much more important than getting you treament for your head wound.



  What a day, Murph!

  Yeah.  We found a priceless biblical artifact in ten minutes, and got shot at, and then that jerk Saif tried to trick us into thinking he had been hurt by the same guy.

  What do you mean?

  I’m no doctor, but have you ever seen a more perfect head wound?  Nice amount of blood to get our attention, but nowhere deep enough to cause any head damage.

  Well, I haven’t seen enough head wounds to make a comparative study like that.  Besides, didn’t you just say you’re not a doctor?  So how do you know how deep a head wound has to be to cause “head damage”?

  Put a cork in it, sweetheart.


  Besides, the authors already vindicated me, remember?  That scene earlier showed that Saif was in on the whole plot.  So now I have to be able to figure that out, because I can’t be wrong or clueless about anything at all.

  Wow, Murph, you’re so smart.  Now that it’s all over, I can just savor the bragging rights I’ll have next week in the faculty lounge.

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  1. >>

    Head wounds are notoriously unpredictable in effect. They can bleed excessively but not actually be a threat to the person suffering from them, or they can not bleed at all and kill them in hours. Especially since much of the head consists of skin covering bone without much in between; the difference between a shallow and a deep wound is not readily apparent.

    • Indeed. Yet this doofus, who by his own admission has no medical training, is able to discern the exact severity of the head wound.

      I’m amused that he immediately ordered the guy to drive him and his wife anywhere. Wouldn’t you maybe not want a driver with a head wound?

      But as we know by now, the primary law of Babylon Rising is: Michael Murphy is never wrong.

      • Not just a driver with a head wound, but a driver with a head wound who just had tried to kill you and your spouse.

        Murphy Survival Skills strike again!

  2. Wait, I just realized, Laura actually says that last bolded part? Truly? Let’s assume that in this universe grave-robbing is the same as archaeology, so no crimes have been committed, what has she (or Murphy, for that matter) actually done? They fell in a hole in the ground, smashed some pots, grabbed part of one artifact, and then were shot at.

    I mean, getting shot at and the unbelievable coincidence of falling right onto a valuable artifact would make a good story, but are they really things to brag about? Especially the potential manslaughter charge from killing the gunman (accidental or no, the police probably wish to have a word with them.)

    • I suspect the bragging rights on Laura’s part come primarily from 1) I haz teh awesomez biblical artifax! I haz them! and 2) Standing in the reflected light of her husband’s Manly Manliness.

      The next chapter is Murph recounting the “treasure hunt” for his class…

  3. 3 “For verily I say unto thee, thou has no need for proofreading, and editing is an abomination unto mine eyes; 4 therefore let thy plot go where it will, and anoint thy words to mean whatsoever you wish them to mean. 5 In this way shall the unbelievers be driven forth, but the righteous reader will discern the true spirit of your story. 6 Manifold shall be your book deals, and your sales shall be like unto the stars in the heavens; milk and honey will cover your bank account for all the days of your life.” 7 And the authors heard His words, and rejoiced, and went out to do His will.

    Excerpt from the Gospel of St. John the Blasphemer

  4. the look on Faith Hill’s face was perfect for that last line of Laura’s dialog.

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