Babylon Rising, Chapter 23

Murphy’s ego as a proud male and a proud professional archeologist was taking quite a pummeling.

Okay, what is it with the emphasis on Murphy’s “male pride”?  Because every time it’s brought up, the context is that a woman knows something that Murphy does not know.  Do Tim and Greg have any idea how lame and misogynistic and insecure this makes Murph look?

Murph is pissed, you see, because he can’t decipher the writing on the Bronze Serpent’s tail.  He and Shari are holed up in the lab together, and it is Shari who suggests that once again, Murph needs to give Isis McDonald a call.


Because Murph gets told by Isis from the moment Murph calls her.  Isis offers to send her assistant, Fiona, down to North Carolina to retrieve the Serpent’s tail in the Parchment of Freedom Foundation’s private jet, thank you very much.  Murph, asshat that he is, is reluctant to hand the tail over to some chick.  To which Isis replies:

“Murphy, you’re there in what I’m sure is a quaint, perfect-little-tiny-town school, and I’m sitting here in the world’s largest privately funded historical research center with state-of-the-art systems and security.  Who are you kidding?”

Yeah, Isis rocks, and even makes Murphy say the magic words: “Point taken.”

But then, then, just as we are thinking that the chapter will end on a note of Isis awesomeness, Tim and Greg have to go and spoil the whole thing by giving us a little peek into the Murphys’…ewww…sex life.

Murph has stolen back the cross-made-of-roots that he had given to Laura, shined it up and strung it onto a necklace.  Which is sweet and all, but holy crap:

“I’ve strung it on my very best leather moccasin lace.  No expense has been spared to keep you in jewelry befitting your status, m’lady.”  He bowed before her.

Laura bent down and hugged him hard.  “Arise, you noble lad.  Your queen has greater things in store for you.  Come, take me home, let me show you why it is good to be the king.”

Oh.  Gross.


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  1. They’re LARPers?
    Ewww, Murphy, get out of my hobby! (Laura can stay, though…)

  2. Gaaahhh! Brain bleach! Brain bleach!

  3. Murphy = LaHaye’s son-in-law — EW! EW! EW! EW!

    I am running an RPG currently where one of the characters is an incarnation of Inanna. She would be rightly and righteously PISSED over this scene. Then again, she’s not the type to read LeHaye’s garbage. I think LeHaye is safe for the moment. =)

    You know, when there are elements that Aren’t Really That Bad in a book… but a series of recurring EW! EW! EW! moments… and that book shares ONE author with another book with lots of EW! EW! EW! moments…. I think it might actually be safe to say that LaHaye did have something to do with the actual writing.

    Which means, Aristotle help us all, he’s going to get the bright idea of writing under his own name someday.

  4. Maybe they think they’re giving Murphy a REAL CHARACTER FLAW with that pride thing, what with pride being one of the Seven Deadly Sins ‘n all that.

    Or maybe not; I suppose it’ll become clearer as I read the rest of the review.

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