Babylon Rising, Chapter 25

Were you wondering what Talon was doing in his guise of window washer at the U.N.?


Well, the wait is over:

…painted on half the windows from floor five up to floor twelve of the United Nations Secretariat Building, in a bright red that took on an otherworldy glow in the night lighting, all the world was now reading:


J  3  16


Here’s a picture of the Secretariat Building at night, to help you get a mental picture:



Okay, I’m torn.  On one hand, it’s not a horrible plan, and rather well-calculated to achieve the desired result (easy to pin it on evangelicals).  On the other hand…HOW IN THE HELL DID NO ONE NOTICE THIS UNTIL SIX P.M.???


We are told this is special paint that “goes on clear and takes on color only when really bright light zaps it, some kind of glow-in-the-light chemical.”


Um, okay, but then why does it not show up in sunlight?  And why didn’t anyone working in the building notice paint, even “goes on clear” paint, when it’s being applied in a very specific pattern by a window washer on seven different floors?


Still, not a bad scheme.  Man, so torn.


Anyway, the FBI and New York police and U.N. security are all trying to figure it out, and of course it takes them about five seconds to crack open a Bible to John 3:16 and then, as you would expect, they call Michael Murphy.


Because the very first person you’re going to want to call regarding vandalism at the United Nations is an archeology professor in North Carolina.


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  1. John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

    It’s a pretty familiar passage, even to many non-Christians, but it hardly seems vandalism-worthy. I mean, it’s no “Sic semper tyrannis!”* or even “Viva Ché!”, is it?

    Why not one of those blood-and-thunder passages about God raining destruction on non-believers? There are a few that could probably make quite pithy quotes out of context, and such a statement would be far more likely to get RTCs in trouble than a quote that is, fundamentally, about love, tolerance, and acceptance of outsiders.

    *Which, apparently, does not mean “Death to the tyrant” but, rather, “Thus to all tyrants”. Who knew?

  2. When there’s somethin’ strange… At th’ Sec-re-tar-i-at… Who ya gonna call?


    Mmm, no. Doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  3. Good gods, that’s like saying “North Korea has launched missiles at South Korea and Japan! SOMEONE CALL BILL COSBY!

  4. OKay, I’m not sure if anyone will notice another comment here this late, but I couldn’t pass this up:
    Talon, and by extension the writers, shouldn’t have smeared the windows with paint. He should have put plastic explosives and some sort of oil or napalm on each of these windows, then set them off, creating this same sign on the building with fire. Make sure each window burns like that. This would
    -be more awesome to read about
    -would have looked considerably more impressive in-universe
    -would have given a reason for the FBI to get involved and start a manhunt. Even if it’s the UN building, I don’t see why a rather ambitious case of grafity vandalism would get the FBI involved. The local police could head the investigation, and the UN’s security would be tightened to prevent anyone getting close again, but that’s about it.
    – would have gotten a lot more RTC-hate started
    -would have made the poorly staged RTC-bomb-factory we get in a few chapters a lot more believable and urgent. for the media. Now it’s just further evidence of their persecution complex that the police and media’s first instinct when a church is blow up to assume it was an accident in a bomb factory instead of, you know, a terrorist attack on the church. I suspect that if a Christian church in the US blows up during a sermon, it would take a LOT of evidence before the media, let alone the police, would begin to speculate that it was their own doing. But in this book, the bad guys correctly assume this will be the default story that will go viral even as the police pokes more and more holes in the evidence.

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