Babylon Rising, Chapter 30

Hey everyone, remember Nebuchadnezzar?  I betcha forgot he was a part of this book, eh?  Well, after a mere 24 chapters, he is back, along with his newest, bestest bud in the whole widest world, Daniel.

Daniel says the king dreamed of a statue, and Neb immediately knows that Daniel Speaketh Teh Truth.  Daniel explains all about the statue, made of four different materials to represent the four different empires that are the only empires that will exist until the Latter Days.  Neb is pretty psyched at this point, because he gets to lead one of the empires.

So, to show his gratitude for figuring out the dream, Neb gives Daniel “gifts and incense,” and makes him ruler of the province and Chief Number One Wise Guy.

That done, we can now sit back and wait for 21 more chapters before we see Daniel again.


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  1. Gods above! How many chapters are in this thing?

    And how do they handle the, erm, “historical” stuff? I mean, are we working with details here? Does the writing style shift?

  2. There are…70 chapters. (Sorry!)

    Buy Dinallo seems to want to be Dan Brown on occasion, with his two-page chapters.

    And the only real difference in the “historical” chapters is that they are written in italics.

  3. Oh, my. At least when Anne Rice did it, the flavor suited the setting…

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