Babylon Rising, Chapter 31

Chuck Nelson, Shari’s dumb brother, is having a heckuva time.  He only has a few bucks, and really wants a beer and some chili. 

Cause he’s a criminal.

When he is thrown out of a bar for trying to scam drinks off some college students, he accosts a stranger and tries to take his wallet.  Then a cop accosts him.  Then Talon accosts the cop.

Then Talon kills (or at least knocks out—it’s unclear) the cop, and accosts Chuck, whom he them takes under his wing to teach him the tricks of the terrorist trade.   

So, how did Talon know that Michael Murphy’s research assistant’s brother was fresh out of prison and ripe for manipulation for the purpose of disgracing the small North Carolina town’s evangelical Christians and thus furthering The Seven’s plot of a one-world religion and the downfall of Christianity itself?

And how did Talon know where that brother would be hanging out?

Um.  I dunno.  This puzzle left as an exercise for the reader.


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  1. Now this is just getting surreal.

  2. No, you’re looking at this all wrong. Talon is secretly SATAN! That’s how he can get medical equipment into the room unseen, that’s how he knows things that he can’t possibly know, that’s why cutting the hose was sufficient to kill the kid a few chapters back: Talon/Satan was using his powers, and the machinery was just there so nobody would realize his true identity. (That’s why he can command birds from a distance, *and* make the bird strong enough to carry a banner.)

    The Seven only *think* they’ve hired a talented killer. In truth, Talon is running their entire campaign from behind the scenes.

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