Babylon Rising, Chapter 32

Back to Stephanie Kovacs.

You know, the chapter order in this book makes no sense.  We just stopped in for an update with King Neb, and now we’re back with the reporter? 

Here’s my theory: the order of these latest chapters and the ones to come should properly be: 30, 34, 32, 31, 33.

Here’s why: Chapter 30 is King Neb learning from David about the “only four empires on earth.”  Chapter 34 is Murphy explaining the details of this very prophecy to his modern-day students.  Building on a theme, past and present, right?

Chapter 32 is Stephanie Kovacs interviewing Dean Fallworth, the guy who has it out for Murphy.  By putting it after the chapter in which we see Murph teaching to a rapt audience, the Dean’s criticisms will be seen as even more wrong, right?  (Well, not really, but that would be the hope of the authors.)

Chapters 31 and 33 detail Talon’s plan to spread terror and tarnish the reputation of the evangelical community of Preston, NC.  Which will show that the threat is not (as Dean Fallworth would have it) from Michael Murphy and the other evangelicals, but from the evil conspirators out to tarnish the innocent, persecuted evangelicals.

Sadly though, we do not have the chapters in this order.  So now we have to jump from King Neb to Stephanie Kovacs and Dean Fallworth.

In other words, time for some more Mary Sue-proof that Michael Murphy is the embodiment of all that is good and strong and decent, and that anyone who does not like him is eeeevil.

Stephanie first reflects on the unfortunate fact that they have not yet found Farley the Fake Fanatic, or any further evidence to tie him to the U.N. paint job.  I suppose that’s what Talon gets for framing a completely innocent, nonChristian man and not making a better conspiracy out of it.

Here’s a thought: The Seven have unlimited money, power, and resources, right?  So why don’t they create their very own fake evangelical Christian terrorist organization?  Pay people to violently protest.  Create, and take credit for, crazy writings about hastening the arrival of the End Times.  Then, when you vandalize the U.N., loudly take credit for it.  Make the group as real, and as real a threat, as you can.  Heckuva lot better than some fake lone nut job that has no real ties to anything, like Farley.

But that’s not what the richest and most powerful covert group on the planet decided to do.  So now Stephanie is interviewing “one of the most boring men on the planet,” Dean Fallworth (he of the button article), and pumping him for information on evangelical groups on campus (Fallworth finds them “energetic,” and the perpetrators of “a lot of noise”).

Then she pumps him for info on one Michael Murphy.  Fallworth unhappily recounts everything we already know about Murph–that he wants to authenticate the Bible, is popular with his students (even when he insults them), and is very athletic and “gung-ho.” 

Stephanie notes Fallworth’s “paunch and pasty complexion.”  Because the pale and slightly overweight have no business passing judgment on anything, even when asked to do so.  See how awesome Murphy is in comparison to Dean Fallworth, everyone?  Surely you would never know that you should like and admire Murphy, were it not for the fact that some pasty jerk like Dean Fallworth dislikes him, right?


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