Babylon Rising, Chapter 34, Part 1

Time for another Michael Murphy lecture.

Murph starts the lecture by asking the class if they are living in the best of times or the worst of times.  So, okay, cool, good way to get the ball rolling.  The class splits about 50/50, but for a few abstentions.  Murph has a problem with those students who didn’t vote, telling them “I’m going to give the rest of you who didn’t raise your hand the benefit of the doubt that you are not unsure about whether you’re alive at all.”

Or, gee, Murph, maybe they don’t think we are living in the best or worst of times.  It doesn’t have to be one or the other, you know.

One gutsy student asks what the right answer is.  Murph says that he is not going to tell them, “despite Dean Fallworth’s fears,” then proceeds to…tell them.  Tell them that the Bible says they are living in dark times, with darker to come awfully soon, leading up to the end of the world.

(I am continually blown away by Murphy’s lack of professionalism.  Do LaHaye and Dinallo really feel that even if you have a legitimate beef with a colleague, that it is proper to continually air that grievance in front of your students?)

Here’s how Murphy introduces Biblical prophecy:

“[Millions of people] believe the end is near not because of reading the entrails of a goat they have sacrificed in their yard, nor by calling the Psychic Hotline, nor by how their bunions feel in the rain, or secret signals from little green Martians…

Right.  Because those things are just silly.

…but because of this book.”  Murphy held up his Bible.

Oh yeah.  That makes much more sense.

“That’s right, the Bible is not just a history of what happened back in ancient times and a compilation of lessons for how we should live our lives.  The Bible is also filled with many prophecies that have already come true and many more prophecies that a huge number of people believe will come true.  People who are not crackpots, I dare say.  People like me.”

Yeah, Dean Fallworth is totally off base when he claims that Murphy is using his class to preach.  Murph is completely right to defend himself against such claims.  After all, he’s not pushing his religion.  He’s just dismissing other ways of thinking about the world and stating that the Bible is true as a matter of fact and predicts the future.

Oh, wait.

I think Dean Fallworth is becoming my hero.


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  1. My girlfriend the historian comments that button materials of the 18th century Georgia Plantations could tell us a lot about the way people lived, the way people of different classes lived, trade…and so Dean Fallworth’s article, mock-worthy as LaHaye and Dinallo find the entire concept to be, would actually be very important.

    • I was a history major and am an unabashed history nerd, so when I first read about this, my response was not, “Wow, what silly, pointless things that awful Dean Fallworth does,” but, “Oooo, I wish I could read that!”

  2. It becomes ever-easier to see how these sorts of RTCs can claim to be persecuted 24/7. They consider not having permission to pull stunts like this to be akin to being beheaded while tied to a burning lion.

  3. “People who are not crackpots, I dare say. People like me.”

    I laughed out loud at this one. After that little stunt he pulled in chapter 26, he’s not exactly helping his case.

  4. So, wait… MURPHY thinks they are living in “dark days” (so not the best of times) and that even darker ones are coming (so not the worst of times either). Still, I suppose we ought to give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s not unsure about whether he’s alive at all…

    • It’s a shame I don’t believe in the afterlife, cause I would pay to see a conversation between an American RTC, a Christian in ancient Rome who was living in terror before being found and thrown to the Lions, a Christian in medival Europe who’s just seen about a third of the known world population die horribly from the plague and a protestant who’s been tortured to death by the inquisition. I want to see what happens when the RTC explains his life and how he’s living in the darkest days in history.

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