LaHaye’s Historical Romances

Holy flippin’ crap, you guys.

And I mean HOLY FLIPPIN’ CRAP!!!11!!1!

They wrote a series of historical romances.

Tim Lahaye and Greg Dinallo wrote three historical romance novels.

Let’s just let that sink in for a moment, shall we?

Let me just say, I was not aware of these.  Then, I went to a bookstore, and the third book was on the clearance rack.

I was not aware.



Okay, see for yourself:

Come Spring

The Best Christmas Gift

Always Grace


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  1. Um… yikes.

    I’m guessing from the summaries of volumes 1 and 3 that 1-2 are set around 1918, and 3 is in the late 1930s. Not exactly what I think of as a prime period for historical romances, but much easier to research than the older stuff.

    (‘scuse me while I giggle.)

    I wonder how the viewpoints skew. LaHaye doesn’t seem like a big fan of the female viewpoint, but male-view romances are pretty rare.

  2. That’s rather mind-boggling…in a sort of vomit-inducing way.

    Reading the official Amazon reviews, however, there’s this: “It’s hard to imagine fiction blander than this, but, of course, the LaHaye brand name makes it news” and “This disappointing first installment of a trilogy by LaHaye (Left Behind series) and television producer Dinallo offers little to excite faith fiction or general fiction fans.”
    The gods of literature save us from bland writing…

    P.S. I’m here from Slacktivist.

  3. Okay, I checked, and my local library has books 1 and 3 (but not the Christmas one, which is sad because I am such a sucker for a Bad Christmas Story).

    I am getting book 1 from the library TODAY!

  4. …Mein Gott. What would possess them to try and write historical fiction? I mean…What?

    And not even Biblical-era historical fiction? I mean, I could kinda see them trying to write about the great romances of the Bible, but early 20th century romances? What? What message is best told through that lens?

  5. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

    Now that I’ve recovered from my astonishment, I’m laughing my head off. Cause damn XD

  6. *That’s* how they plan to bring forward the end of the world! They’re going to write and write and write book after book after book – until the whole world, like one being, will scream: “OH GOD, STOP IT ALREADY!!!”

    …And then LaHaye’s god, in Jerkass Genies’ best traditions, *will stop it*.

    (Redcrow’s last dying thought: “Dear Ceiling Mika, b-but that’s *not* what I had in mind…”)

  7. ….

    I am stupified as to this turn of events.

    Historical romances? I mean, I know that LeHaye wouldn’t write a bodice-ripper if his life depended on it, but how do you write an RTC romance? After reading the bits with Chloe and Bucky in LB, no wonder these are called ‘incredibly bland.’

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