Babylon Rising, Chapter 45

The triumphant return of Dr. Isis Proserpina McDonald!

Still, once again, a hard-to-snark section, as Murphy frets at Laura’s bedside.  His desperation, his anticipation of the worst, even his embarrassment at being seen teary-eyed in front of a nurse, all make me almost forget what a horrible, arrogant ass he’s been until now.

Really, my only nitpick is that there is “a pill that was making [Laura] sleep.”  Seems weird to have given a pill to a patient with a crushed windpipe, instead of just giving her drugs via an IV, but whatever.

And then…AND THEN…

Standing by the door, looking past him at Laura with an expression of infinite sadness, was a red-haired woman in a long black coat that looked too big for her.


Isis, perhaps sensing that she has barely one book before she will be turned into a simpering wuss, brings ALL her powers of awesome to this scene, for she has flown from D.C. to give Murphy back the piece of the Serpent.  She thinks that he thinks that it has healing powers:

“But you risked your life to get it.  I thought it was supposed to have healed the Israelites when they were bitten by poisonous snakes.  I thought that’s what you believed.”

Murphy tries to school her, contradicting himself practically every sentence.  The serpent didn’t heal them.  God healed them.  But there are “no magic tricks.”  But faith healers are not magic tricks.  But trying to use the Serpent would be sinful.

He stays on that note, more concerned about the sinfulness of trying the Serpent than whether or not the Serpent actually works.  This prompts Isis to the following:

“What does it matter?  So what if you commit a sin if it saves Laura’s life?  You’re just being selfish, worrying about the cleanliness of your soul when she could be dead.” 


Well, she will, but not until the next book.

In the meantime, Isis immediately apologizes, and takes the piece of the Serpent back at Murphy’s insistence.  He then asks her to say a prayer for Laura.  Isis does not tell him that that would be a magic trick or sinful or that it would not work.

Isis leaves, and as though sensing that all of the awesome has vacated the premises, Laura dies.

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  1. This is one of those points where I have grave difficulty understanding the RTC mindset. If you are ill, and I try to heal you via a non-RTC-approved method, then either nothing will happen or you will get better. I’m not asking for your soul, so how is it in danger, even if I am partying with Satan every night? (Just as you don’t care whether your emergency room doctor sometimes has lust in his heart.)

    But the RTC approach seems to involve some sort of spiritual contamination. Yeesh, if your soul were that easy to steal or sully, someone less friendly than me would already have done it!

    What it really comes down to is “you may not accept help from anyone except God”.. “Don’t talk to anyone God doesn’t approve of.” If this God were a boyfriend, we’d call him abusive and controlling.

  2. I would be sorely tempted to beat Murphy’s head against a wall if using the Serpent (a) did not result in Laura’s soul going to feed some Satanic soul-cuisinart and (b) it would have actually worked.

    Because, like the LDS couple who insisted on trying to bring sextuplets to term and instead got four stillbirths and two prematures who may not survive and will certainly be cursed with health problems all their life… GRAAAH! I just want to knock some common sense into this guy! MINK SMASH!

    Ahem. Sorry about that. I guess it’s a button, especially when someone dies for no damn good reason.

  3. *sigh*

    Self-righteousness, thy name is Murphy. 😐

  4. “an expression of infinite sadness”

    That’s quite a lot of sadness for a person she’s never met, huh?

    • Sarah, sure, but Meta-Isis is realising that she is going to be stuck with being Murphy’s RTC Sweetie ™. And let’s face it, “Isis Proserpina McDonald” is a kick-ass name, but who ever heard of an Isis Proserpina Murphy?

      Actually, I want to read the adventures of IPM transplanted to the 1930s. No bullwhip, obviously, that’s a bit of a cliche…

  5. But … God made it possible for me to show up with the Serpent to save Laura before she dies …

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