The Secret on Ararat: I Haz It

Ah, more of Ruby’s Adventures at Used Book Sales!

A lovely hardcover of Michael Murphy’s quest to find Noah’s Ark, aided (sorta) by Stepfordized Isis McDonald.  😦


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  1. So when does Isis become Stepfordized? I like her even more than Meta-Chloe and Meta-Hattie and Vicki.

    • Basically, in The Secret on Ararat. There are a few unfortunate hints in Babylon Rising, but it has to do almost entirely with the change in authors.

  2. Amazon says of the coauthor: “Bob Phillips is a licensed marriage, family, and child counselor and a master quotation collector. He is the author of 40 books, with total sales of more than 6 million copies. Bob is also director-at-large of Hume Lake Christian Camps in California.”

    Picture here: looks to me like the actor you get to play a seedy ex-RAF pilot in a 1950s film.

    Wikipedia knows of only one Bob Phillips, who doesn’t appear to be the same guy.

    • What is a ‘master quotation collector?’ What school did he get his master’s degree in ‘quotation collecting’ in? What was his thesis on? Or is this some sort of honorific conferred upon him by the quotation collection community, like ‘master numismatist’ or ‘master stamp collector?’ Is he a world-recognized authority on the collection, cataloging, and study of quotations? Does he have any rare quotations, which he can’t tell anyone because they’d immediately no longer become ‘mint condition’ and ‘rare’ and ‘in original packaging?’ Can he tell who spake a quotation based on certain key signifiers and distinguishing marks? Are there imperfections in certain quotations that make them more desirable by quotation collectors than others? Is he looking to trade any quotations? What’s the rarest and most valuable quotation in his collection?

      Ahem. Sorry, the snark is strong this morning. ^_^

      • Somehow, I am not the least surprised that he is a “master quotation collector.” Yanno, I give Babylon Rising a hard time, but at least some stuff happens, and there are one or two interesting characters. The later books are almost nothing but Murphy pontificating on anything and everything.

        Literally, especially in the last two books, people will just walk up to him and say, “Professor Murphy, I am having a problem with my wife/my kid/prophecy interpretation, what do you think?”

        And Murphy tells them. For pages and pages and pages. One long Murphy-quotation.

      • @Rubytea: So-o-o… Murphy Shrugged?

      • Considering that LaHaye regards the main purpose of this and Left Behind (and, presumably, The End Series–the one starting with “Edge of Apocalypse”) as being to promulgate various (dispensationalist understandings of) prophecies, and that Phillips has NOT been driven away after three books (he’s supposed to be working on the fifth as we speak, yes?), I have a hunch that the pontificating is supposed to be a FEATURE. If this is the case, then DiNallo could have been removed because he focused too much on storytelling and character development (and idiosyncrasy), and not enough on preaching?

        I somehow doubt LaHaye thinks of the historical romances as primarily “prophecy fiction”…

      • Oh yes, most of Phillips’s results in Amazon are collections of jokes for kids. Usually with “Wholesome” or some synonym thereof somewhere in there. Fair number of adults’ topics books in there, though (and no, NOT the “pop” definition of “adult”).

        Maybe we should look at some of the latter books, compare Murphy’s pontifications to the text, and see if we can find some similarities.

      • “(he’s supposed to be working on the fifth as we speak, yes?)”

        I suppose so, but considering that the first four books came out in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006, he’s more than a little off the schedule. 😉

        The fifth book got Left Behind!! AH-HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Oh, I kill me.

  3. I imagine the original co-author was horse-whipped by LaHaye for his treachery and insubordination by creating Isis in the first place.

    • The interesting thing about that is that LaHaye and Dinallo partnered up again after Babylon Rising…for the romance trilogy!

      • I had thought that they had not teamed up, that Dinallo’s creation of the character of Isis is what torqued off LeHaye… but if their historical romances postdate this series, that’s rather surprising. It’s almost a shame that the romances got panned if Dinallo was involved. But then again, I looked at the covers. They are pastoral, light and fluffy and village-in-the-hills, and… so very, very not Boston of WWI. I know it’s supposed to invoke the nostalgia of those bygone days when men were men and women were not, and all would Fear God and Dread Naught and such… but really, those covers just make me think of weak tea and dry bread.

        I wonder what got Dinallo kicked off of the other books in the Murphy series, and yet would come back to do the historical romances?

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