More Book Sale Goodness

Oh, the things you find at bag-o-books sales…

1.  Earth’s Final Days.  This is apparently part of a series: Essays in Apocalypse: PART THREE!!!!!11!!1!  It is a series of essays by 10 “nationally-known prophecy experts.”  I guess I just don’t have my finger on the pulse of the prophecy expert community.  The book does include such tantilizing titles as, “Sex for Fun and Profit” and “How Near Is the Mark of the Beast?”  The dedication?  “For Jesus.”

2.  Mind Siege, by Tim LaHaye and (in much smaller letters) David Noebel.  This is LaHaye’s own little “call to action” that I have never heard of, even though it is a call to action against ATHEISM (dun dun DUNNNN), evolution, and other evils of the modern world.

Also grabbed a couple of Christian romance novels.  Of course, I want to finish up Babylon Rising, get to Soon, and review a few more Christian movies (next up: Teenage Witness!), but these are quite tempting, too…


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  1. Mind Siege is spectacular in its awfulness! If I remember correctly it starts with a horrible little sci-fi bit where some hapless parents send their kids off to Margaret Sanger High (Oh Noes!) were the curriculum is atheism! and how to get abortions! and teh gay! (and yes those exclamations points only touch on the hysteria that pervades this book, if it is the book I think it it is. I would love to hear your critique, even of just the first section.

  2. My word, how happy you must be! (Though, semi-seriously, I do hope you keep some appropriate brain bleach to hand in case this stuff ever reaches a critical mass.)

    (It would probably be much more fun to go to Eugen Sanger High.)

  3. “Nationally Known”? So, no-one’s heard of them outside of the US?

    I mean, it’s not as if it’s likely a lie to say “Internationally Known”, all it takes is one person in another country having heard the name of them to qualify, so I suspect that it’s one of those claims that isn’t enforced (like “Twice as good as the other leading brands!”) But the blurb writer still felt that saying as much was unjustifiable hyperbole?

    I’m now picturing 10 essays from people so small-time that they are unknown outside of their own family, all of whom live in the same town, or something.

    • As a filthy furriner, my reaction is that “nationally known” is likely to be code for “known everywhere that matters, i.e. in all parts of the USA”. (“We have both kinds of music here.”)

  4. Darnit, with a title like Mind Siege I want psychic atheist warriors staring resolutely across the plaza at their holy-prayer uttering, grim-faced, steel-jawed theists… and then suddenly a team of suicide Nietzcheans drop from a passing helicopter, hoping to kill the theists’ deity….

    Really, it should be like an episode of Dungeons and Discourses except with ten times the ineffable scenes of intangible philosophical combat. And ‘splosions. Sigh, LaHaye, why must you disappoint us so?

    • Hah, yes, and in true Dungeons and Discourses style we’ll need, what, neo-Platonists that can turn shadow projections into real objects? (“Ooh, ooh, do deformed rabbit!”) A league of Gnostic holy warriors? Pythagorean anti-bean crusaders? (Or did Pythagoras love beans? I can never remember…) Xeno’s paradox allowing people to teleport?

      Alternatively, it should be a take off of Paprika, which is all about the sieges in dreams. (And contains enough Freudian imagery to probably get it banned from every RTC movie list, ever.)

      • >>>neo-Platonists that can turn shadow projections into real objects? (“Ooh, ooh, do deformed rabbit!”)

        Are they *supposed* to scream it to the tune of “Dude Looks Llike A Lady”? Because that’s what they do in my head now, never mind that “deformed” supposed to have two syllables, not three…

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