Babylon Rising, Chapter 60, Part 2

Isis works all night and finally falls asleep.  When she wakes up, Murph has already been up himself and is down at breakfast. 

I can’t decide if it was polite of him to let her sleep, or rude of him not to wake her to let her know he was okay and where he would be.

Gotta love this part:

“You seem very chipper,” she [Isis] said.

He [Murphy] winked.  “Sleep of the just.”

“Well, take it easy.  Dr. Aziz said you should stay in bed for a couple of days at least.”

Murphy snorted.  “He was just hustling you for a few more bucks, making it look like it was life-and-death.  It’s just a scratch.  Anyhow, we have work to do.”

She reached into her bag with a look of triumph.  “Relax.  All done.”

Oh, Isis, you rock star.  No wonder Dinallo didn’t pen the further awesome adventures of you. 

The remainder of the chapter is mostly fairly boring exposition, with a quick and nonsensical aside about Noah’s Ark, since that is the subject of the next book in the series.  Based on Isis’s work, Murphy is able to figure out where the head of the Serpent is: the fictional Pyramid of the Winds, which is also a comic book locale, but in this book, is located “On the Giza plateau just west of Cairo, all by its lonesome,” and is reputed to have “some sort of updraft in the center of the pyramid, so powerful it could keep a man suspended above the ground forever.”

Then Murphy makes a true contribution to the proceedings: he knows someone who knows someone who can get him a “Pyramid Crawler” to go through the tiny air shafts of the pyramid. 

But, just as Murphy is ready to call The Guy He Knows Who Can Get Stuff, Isis gets a call from the Parchments of Freedom Foundation, telling them that the two employees were murdered, and they need to forget the mission and head home.


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  1. Oh, Isis. Why did you go to breakfast?

    “Murphy has already been up himself” – well, yes… (OK, that may just be a UK-English phrase.)

    Why do the PoFF murders mean they both have to head back, leaving a vulnerable artefact out in the open?

  2. Since the missing artefact was not mentioned in the phone conversation, apparently Talon’s scribbling of the serpent symbol on the shelf did its trick and hypnotized the investigators into thinking it’s still there!

    Incidentally, being whacked in the back by a titanium hawk wouldn’t be immediately visible as murder, would it? I mean, sure, Talon’s taloning of the guard with his talon (hee!) would be pretty obvious as fow… foul play (sorry, that poultry pun almost got out.) but would someone getting hit with a chicken cannon loaded with double-ought hawk be obvious as a murder to CSI PoF?

    • My bad–they did mention that the tail had been taken. But the big point was the murders, and that they needed to get back.

      “Chicken cannon” made me LOL.

      • Well, it was the only way to explain now a hawk that was flying across the room, and not stooping from a great height, could break someone’s back! ^_^ That scene still makes me scratch my head.

        I shouldn’t expect the review to have every last detail! Besides, at this point the tail really is pretty secondary to the awesomeness that is Isis Prosperina MacGregor. Even the Seven (NWST!) can pretty much take a back seat to her. (I really hope that she at least doesn’t change her name when she becomes Stepfordized. 😦 )

      • “(I really hope that she at least doesn’t change her name when she becomes Stepfordized. )”


        By the end of the fourth book, Murphy and Isis have not yet married. Some dumb blonde Christian chick moves to town (I had high hopes that she was a plant of The Seven, but no such luck), and Murphy wrestles with the question of whether he should play kissy-face with Isis-the-non-Christian. Isis stays in D.C., and she eventually converts to RTC-ism because of the influence of a different believer, though, thus setting her up to be with Murphy eventually.

      • I guess that’s the way it goes when your guiding principle has gone on to better things.

        I find myself worryingly tempted to write Isis fanfic. Complete with Mikey, her bumbling comic-relief sidekick.

      • Oh my lord. FOURTH book?!

        I suppose I can understand why people let themselves be talked into ghostwriting for LaHaye. Every contract is a Narnia-sized series and you don’t even have to exert yourself all that much, just do a passable job, let LaHaye fix the theology, and you’re golden. They’ll be sure to sell if even just in the RTC parallel market, and with LaHaye’s name on it might even get wider reads among the not-RTC American Christian population. It’s a pretty good gig, I imagine.

  3. >>>I find myself worryingly tempted to write Isis fanfic. Complete with Mikey, her bumbling comic-relief sidekick.

    Objection! Mickey is not anyone’s “bumbling comic-relief sidekick” anymore, he’s Defender of the Earth in his own right and… Oh, you probably didn’t mean *that* Mickey.
    (Or did you? *eyes you suspiciously*)

    • Redcrow, I have no idea what you’re talking about, so I probably didn’t. “Mikey” is a common diminutive form for “Michael”, as in Murphy.

      • I meant Mickey Smith from Doctor Who. He had a misfortune of starting as “bumbling comic-relief sidekick”, but got better. For some reasons, though, I suspected *you* might mean Mickey Mouse… no, I don’t know why. I’m sick, and my brain acts strangely.
        Murphy is Murphy for me – no first name, no face.

  4. He [Murphy] winked. “Sleep of the just.”

    Sleep of the… oh fuck you, Murph. Fuck you and that sleazy come-on.

    Dunno why it raised my hackles, but I think it’s the way he’s so self-centered.

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