Babylon Rising, Chapter 70 and Afterword


Crow T. Robot: Wow, I am on the edge of my seat!  I better scoot back a little…

Mike: Yeah, you’ve got a lot more room back there.


As I said two chapters ago, if this book made sense, Chapter 68 would be the last chapter, with the ending: “…the days ahead would present even greater challenges (than the death of a beloved spouse).  With God’s help and protection, [Murphy] would be ready.”

Instead, we end with The Seven debriefing Talon, with Talon rather whinily and defensively pointing out that Murphy was lucky and had MARINES and besides, Mr. The Seven Person, you told me not to hurt him!

The Seven appear only mildly put out by the loss of the Brazen Serpent, which everyone (including RTC Murphy!) was convinced had eeeevil magical powers.  But no, they don’t really seem to give a damn, and our final shot is of Talon, holding Laura’s root cross, and vowing vegeance upon the Murphster because…wait for it, it’s “personal” now.

Seriously, I’d give you more, but this chapter is barely one page long.


And we’re back with Tim LaHaye, who repeats his assertions from the “Message” at the beginning of the book about how much he loves it.  Oh, and even though he had Dinallo for this book, and a different cowriter for the next ones in the series, he phrases everything in the first person singular:

I am having a great time creating this adventure, and I can’t wait for you to read the next book in the series.  I’m in the middle of writing it now and I’m having even more exciting times working on the second book than I had on this first one,  And that’s saying something.

Well, LaHaye may not be able to wait, but we will have to, because next we shall explore Jerry Jenkins’ dark dreams of Christian persecution, because in Soon, THE ATHEISTS HAVE TAKEN OVER THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!

Coming…um, soon. 


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  1. Oh god, Jerry Jenkins again? That book is going to be all phone porn. :O

    Anyway, props to you for keepng up with absurd, bizarre, misogynistic,naked appeals to self-centeredness that embodies the character of Murphy in Babylon Rising. *thumbs up*

    *awaits “Soon”… soon 😛 *

  2. If this book made any sense, it wouldn’t have been written by Tim LaHaye.

    Although I shall miss Isis…alas, poor Isis, we knew her not well enough.

    Congratulations on reaching the end with your sense of humor unscathed. You’ll need it for “Soon,” of which I read the first and last chapters once. We’ve always blamed LaHaye for the worst elements of “Left Behind” and “Babylon Rising,” but Jenkins on his own turns out to be a nasty piece of work.

  3. “and besides, Mr. The Seven Person, you told me not to hurt him!”

    Oh. Murphy as the unwitting tool of the Seven. “So what are you going to do to this Parchments of Freedom Foundation?” “We’re going to give it lots of money.”

    From a literary analysis perspective, I guess Soon should let us see how Jenkins’ writing changes when he doesn’t have LaHaye restraining his wilder impulses…

  4. Congratulations on completing ‘Babylon Rising!’ =) We will all miss Isis, and I think I can do without seeing her Stepfordized.

    Regarding the Afterward: Wow. That’s pretty shameless of LaHaye. Even William Shatner didn’t up and say that ‘he’ wrote all of the Shatnerverse Trek books.

    As for Talon, it looks like the Seven (They’ll Stop At Nothing!) may have a loose cannon on their hands.

    I do have to give LaHaye props for one thing: He’s managed to be obnoxious and create loathsome characters in multiple genres, such that even accomplished writers can’t redeem his crap.

    That being said, from what I’m hearing about Soon I’m a little wary. It sounds like a hyper-evangelical Overton Window.

    Or an attempt to create a new The Turner Diaries.

    Yes, I went there. I REGRET NOTHING!


    You say that like it’s a bad thing.

  6. Thankyou Ruby Tea.

    Just discovered this via a link of Fred Clark’s Slacktivist blog (which I’ve read off and on for a few years now) today by “Spirit Plumber” via “Patter” and “Daniel.” Have now just completed reading all your posts on this first novel – which I did read many years ago.

    Know I’m very late commenting here and finding this but just want to say I loved reading this for all the snark and accuracy and awesome rightness. So thanks again.

  7. See :

    If I can post links here?

    As for the chapter and book critique, and threads left unsewn, I’ll just ask, if I may, whatever happened to the young girl they rescued as a human sacrifice – what’s her back story and what happens/ed to her now? Does he get mentioned again and what did the “heroes” here do with her when she hit surface after her near death experience? You’d think they could I dunno, give her a name and a fictional future and role here maybe?)

    Also whatever happened about that crazy Methuselah supervillian (not the exoplanet in the globular cluster Messier 4 around pulsar PSR B1620-26 and its white dwarf companion star & aka The Genesis planet non-StarTrek version.) who started off as the novels intriguing Big Bad (to cite the Buffyverse) but then seems to have disappeared entirely from the plot?

    Oh & now its “personal” Talon, after you killed Murphy’s wife and yet he let you live when he could’ve killed you? Because he shot one of your super-falcons and not you? I just .. wha…

    • The girl they rescued…is never seen or heard from again.

      As for Meth, he shows up at the beginning of the stories to get the ball rolling and introduce the Artifact of Attraction, until the fourth book, when…but I don’t want to say too much. 😉

  8. Thanks. Spiritplumber and Ruby Tea.

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