Soon: Casting Call!

I’m not feeling working on the timeline or Chapter 16 tonight, though they are both partially done.  Instead, I feel like looking at pictures of hot actors.

So let’s cast Soon!

For Paul, I’m trying to think of guys who are really good at playing colossal tools.  I think I had a bit more of a sense of humor about it all back in Babylon Rising, since Michael Murphy is such an over-the-top Indiana Jones stereotype, but it’s less funny when the guy is an abusive jerk.  Also, all we know about Paul, physically, is that he’s tall.

Nic Cage, maybe?

(Picture by Warner Bros.)

Here he looks like he’s angrily contemplating Jae’s lack of talent with electronics.

Aaron Eckhart is good at playing sweeties, but I bet he could play a good persecutor, too.

(Photo from MovieWeb)

Paul after the TEXAS incident.  Except, you know, double that.

Now for Jae.  Like Paul, all we know is that she’s tall.  She’s also described as beautiful, though not nearly so often as Angela is.  I’ve been picturing her as a cool and sleek…

Anne Dudek? (Lura from Big Love!)

(Photo from The Fan Carpet)

Jae contemplates how awesome her life would be without Paul.

Or how about Christine Taylor?

(Photo from Flixster)

Guess where this is going, Paul.

And, of course, our ingenue, Angela Pass Barger.  Rose Byrne?

(Pic from TVGuide)

I so picture Angela as a brunette.  I don’t know why.

And Paul’s chess partner and invader-of-personal-space, Straight.

How about Lando himself, Billy Dee Williams?

(Photo from

“Persecute us, persecute Him, Paul.”


Ranold is supposed to be a bad guy, but if Paul hates him, that’s enough for me to like him!

I’ve loved Dean Stockwell since I was a little kid watching Quantum Leap.

(Pic from the SciFi Channel)

Ranold is so much a better agent than Paul.

And how about my favorite character so far–poor, doomed SWAT dude Larry Coker from San Francisco.  We actually have some description for him!

He had short blonde hair and red cheeks, stood about six feet, and was thick and solid.

Coker’s got some meat on his bones.  I like that in a guy.

Okay, I know he’s got the wrong coloring, but if Jenkins doesn’t care about the descriptions of 90% of his characters, why should I?

Karl Urban’s got the right look, as far as I’m concerned.


(Pic from Stale Popcorn)

Those underground zealots are gonna get told

And how about the much-despised Bia Balaam?  We know she’s older and thin and silver-haired, and that she’s so smart and competent that Paul is instantly terrified of her.

I’m gonna go with Sigourney Weaver.  You know she can bring the scary-evil, and she could always dye her hair!

 (Pic from Wireimage)

She totally knows how much better she is than Paul.

Also, this movie rocks:

So, what do you guys think?  Any ideas, for these or any other characters?  Let’s get this baby cast!



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  1. Aaron Eckhart is good at playing sweeties, but I bet he could play a good persecutor, too.

    I think “In the Company of Men” is the film you want, in which Aaron Eckhart basically plays the embodiment of pure misogynistic evil. And he’s freaking brilliant at it.

    I think we should cast January Jones for the part of Jae. Jae’s in her underwear at some point during the story, right?

    Straight should be played by Chi McBride, because I miss the hell out of “Pushing Daisies” and he needs more work.

    From the description, apparently Larry Coker is meant to be played by Duke Nukem.

    • From the description, apparently Larry Coker is meant to be played by Duke Nukem.

      Right, no more drinking while reading comments here, shooting coffee out one’s nose hurts too much to be worth it.

    • Well, based on the reviews, Duke’s game career is over, so he might as well branch out.

      Can we cast Cameron as one of the christians that gets killed by the SWAT team? He’d probably like the role of a persecuted Christian if you don’t tell him how small the part is (I don’t know who managed to convince Steven Stegal to take that part in Executive decision, which looks like it’s starting up to be a generic Stegal flick, only to have him die 15 minutes in, but he deserves a prize), and seeing him get horribly killed would make sitting through the rest of the movie almost worth it.

  2. January Jones is practically made for the part of Jae – in Mad Men, she embodied “Repressed and Silently Screaming Trophy Wife”.
    Having just seen Gods and Monsters, I vote Brendan Fraser for the Larry Coker part; wrong colouring again, but in that movie he stripped off and demonstrated that he had some very nice meat on his bones!

  3. I’m not looking at your picks before I make my own…

    Paul: has to be a Baldwin Brother. I think I’ll go for Stephen, because he’s a self-declared evangelical so he probably won’t notice that the director’s making him look like the villain of the piece – and because his performance in Shark in Venice [2008] was so… memorable. (Mr Baldwin Senior’s reaction: “I knew that not all my sons were made for acting.”)

    Jae: Lena Headey, because I know she’s flexible enough to do both kick-ass and doormat convincingly.

    Angela: tricky. Allison Scaglotti, just because.

    Straight: needs someone with physical presence. What the hell, Taylor Wily. Can’t find a really good photo, but will do. He’s a sumotori…
    (Or Larry Fishburne could do this in his sleep.)

    Ranold: William Petersen. With moustache, in fact the standard IMDB photo will do well:,0,214,314_.jpg

    Bia Balaam: so many options! But having seen The Chicago Code I’ll take Jennifer Beals. Modulo hair, obviously.

    • >>>>Bia Balaam […] Jennifer Beals

      Courtesy of one of my sort-of-fandoms: Bia reads Soon.

      (Warning: swearing)

  4. Joel McHale (Community, Talk Soup) might also make a good Paul. He’s 6’4″ and he knows how to play a jerk, and I’m told he’s not at all bad-looking.

    How about J.K. Simmons for Ranold?

  5. J.K. Simmons! What a great idea! He is fantastic–good at naughty AND nice!

  6. I vote Joel McHale for Paul, too. He does jerks really well, so that they remain jerky, but still appealing. A very fine line to tread, indeed.

    Still, is there another part for Nic Cage? Something over the top and insane? Does Jesus come back at some point in this series, because if so, Nic Cage for Jesus.

  7. I love Sigourney Weaver to bits, so yes she’s great casting but at the same time I don’t want to see her ulitmately defeated by Heaven’s B minus squad. It does give me pleasure to picture BiaSigourney cracking Paul upside the head with her Future!Umbrella.

    And good call on Rose Byrne, but again the problem that Byrne is too likeable and strong to mesh with a Jenkins character.

    I’d say Cage as Paul fits. He certainlly can play a tool. But at the same time he’s been good in actual good movies before. I think the part calls for a true believer like Kirk Cameron as Buck. So I say Jim Caviezel as Paul. He can play cold, unlikeable RTC a bit too well I’d think.

  8. How about:
    -Ron Livingston (Office Space, Band of Brothers) for Paul. He a little likable but he’s also very good at a little sleezy and just sort of casually self absorbed. Not that he rejects other people’s opinions/feeling be cause he thinks his are so much more important, but that he never even thinks about other people’s opinion/feelings.
    -Jada Pinkett-Smith for Jae. Capable of looking melancholy for long periods of time. Has plenty of spine when she needs it. and she’s one of the first actresses I think of when I think “lithe.” Though she may be too short.

    • Pinkett-Smith is such a good choice for Jae that the more I think of it, the harder it is for me to picture her as anyone else. She’d probably have to do her scenes with Paul standing on a box, but in the world of fantasy casting all issues of logistics can be waved away. It also means we don’t have to speculate on the likelihood of a maybe-Scientologist accepting a thankless part in a bad evangelical Christian novel adaptation.

      I mean, could you imagine Kirk Cameron co-starring in Battlefield Earth? Actually, yes, I kind of can.

  9. Anne Dudek, aka Amber from House, aka Cutthroat Bitch from House, would be waaaaay too frustrating as Jae. I’d keep expecting her to, well, cut Paul’s throat.

  10. Choir of Shades

    Tommy Lee Jones for Ranold. Aging military/law enforcement officer defending the world against extraterrestrial destroyers? Hell yes. He also has acted in slightly more serious military/law enforcement roles and he has a certain class that he brings to any role he plays.

    For Straight…Billy Dee Williams doesn’t have enough of the ex-prisoner nor the “magic Negro” vibe going for him. I propose Michael Clarke Duncan from the Green Mile, who fits both of those tropes quite well.

    I also pictured Angela as a brunette for some reason (and Byrne fits my picture of her perfectly, in appearance at least), but I also picture Jae as a brunette. Because let’s face it, hating his wife or not, Paul is perfectly shallow enough to think that blonds are somehow superior and wouldn’t “downgrade” in a long-term relationship (my impression was that most of his affairs were very short-term, but that’s he’s trying for something a little longer with Angela). I don’t know actresses well enough to make a suggestion though.

    Again, failure on the hair, but I picture Jason Statham for the role of Coker.

    I think I like Nicholas Cage the best for Paul, so I’m seconding that one. Not quite what I was picturing, but so damn close I’m not gonna find a better one.

  11. I love playing the casting game. Joel McHale is way to charming to be Paul. You need someone who can exude sneering disregard from every pore. I’m nominating Peter Sarsgaard. He might be a tad too short but I think otherwise he fits my image of Paul perfectly. For some reason I thought Bia Balaam was African American and pictured Erica Tazel from the show Justified. I can’t settle on any actress milktoast enough to play Jae or Angela.

  12. I have a few suggestions, if nobody minds:

    Paul: Jeff Fahey

    Straight: Clarence Williams III (I haven’t seen him often since his “Mod Squad” days, but when I do see him he does a great job in whatever role he’s playing.)

    Coker: Jay Karnes (I see Coker as sort of a sleazy merc-type, the kind of guy that Karnes plays to perfection.)

    Ranold: Charles Napier (Napier usually plays, according to his IMDB bio, “hard-ass military types and menacing bad guys”, and Ranold seems to be both of these; so this bit of casting is only logical.)

  13. I love the idea of Sigorney as Balaam and Urban as Coker, though I wish he could have a bigger part. Love the guy to bits.

    Nic Cage isn’t a bad idea as Paul, but I like Stephen Baldwin a bit more for the part. Also, Nic Cage could totally be the bigoted agent who bashed St. Stephen to death. I’m seeing it in my head right now and it TOTALLY works.

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