Soon: Completed Critique

Paul haltingly and fearfully approached God aloud, asking for a miracle.  “God,” he said, “we’re asking that you shut the mouths of the atheists, that you reclaim ground won by our enemies.  We pray You will act in such a powerful and supernatural way that even the armies of the United Seven States will know it’s you and that they will cower.  God, we need you to do something.”

Musings on Themes, the Cover, and the First Few Pages

Prologue: Calendars and Phone Porn

Prologue: Idiots and Phones and the Mark of the Beast

Prologue: Subtlety and Violent Death

Chapter 1: It’s a Very Atheist Wintermas

Chapter 1: Our Hero and His Godly Wife…Sorta

Chapter 1: Paul and Jae and Height

Chapter 1: Paul’s Ph.D.

Chapter 1: …And World War III

Chapter 1: Flags and Angels and Stars, Oh My!

Chapter 1: Paul Is Dumb

Chapter 1: The USSA

Chapter 2: Jae and D.C.

Chapter 2: Kids and the Funeral

Chapter 2: Paul and Angela

Chapter 2: The First

Chapter 2: The Way They Talk

Chapter 3: Daddy

Chapter 3: Paranoia

Chapter 4: The Christian Threat

Chapter 4: Apostle’s Ladies

Chapter 4: Polly

Chapter 5: Frisco

Chapter 5: Coker

Chapter 6: The Raid

Chapter 6: The Raid: Responses

Chapter 6: Lies, Damn Lies

Chapter 7: Trina Tells All

Chapter 7: End of Act I?

Chapter 8: TEXAS!!!

Chapter 8: Roughnecks

Chapter 9: St. Stephen

Chapter 10: Poor Tick, Poor Jae

Chapter 11: Emotional Abuse

Chapter 11: Straight

Chapter 12: Zzzzz…HATE!

Chapter 13: More of Paul Being an Ass

Poll #1: Paul’s Asshattery, Chapters 1-13

Chapter 13: Awards and Women

Chapter 14: Conversion on the Tarmac

Chapter 14: Checking in with the Ladies

Chapter 14: Bia’s Miracle

Chapter 14: And now for…the rest of…the conversion

Chapter 15: Forget It

Chapter 15: Miracles and Changes

Chapter 15: Christianese

Casting Call!

Chapter 16: Salty

Chapter 16: I C Wut U Did

Chapter 16: And Yet More Lies

Chapter 16: Headhunting

Chapter 17: Accolades and Hatred

Chapter 17: Curses!

Chapter 17: New York State of Mind

Soon and Silenced: Populations

Chapter 17: Paul and Poor People

Chapter 18: Paul and Rich People

Chapter 18: The Very Intense Interrogation

Chapter 18: Call Me Phyllis

Chapter 19: A Christian Grieves

Chapter 19: The Really For Real Miracle

Chapter 19: Paul’s First Convert

The Rapture Timeline Question

Chapter 20: Jae Kicks Ass

Chapter 20: The Most Exciting Kidnapping Ever

Chapter 20: Part of the Community

Chapter 21: The Mother Ship

Chapter 21: Totally Unjust

Chapters 21-22: Vegas, Baby!

Chapter 22: Thyatira’s

Chapters 22-23: Paul and the Whores

Chapter 23: Angela and the Whores

Chapter 24: The Big Date

Chapters 24-25: Paul’s Recruit

Chapters 25-26: Apostle.  Paul Apostle.

Chapter 27: The Big Confession, Finally

Chapter 27: Busted Again

Chapter 28: Hollywood Crime

Chapter 28: HOLYwood Wealth

Chapter 28: Teh Movies!!!

Chapters 28-29: Pennies and Celluloid

Chapter 29: Four-Eyes

Chapter 29: Reign of Not Enough Terror

Body Counts

Chapter 30: Specs and Jealousy

Chapter 30: Anger and Inhumanity

Chapter 30: The (Black) Infiltrator

Chapter 30: Drinking and Ignorance

Chapter 31: Human Fishy Christian Things

Chapter 31: Tribulation Plans

Chapter 31: Brochures and True Christianity

Chapters 31-32: I Can Gideon Better Than You

Chapter 32: Yeah, You’re a Big Help

Chapters 32-33: De Plane, De Plane!!!

Chapter 33: De Plane Goes Down

Chapter 33: Paul’s Big Plan(s)

Chapter 34: Fast Food and the Fate of Barton

Chapter 34: The Manifesto and Jae

Chapter 35: Jae Apologizes More

Chapter 35: It’s Going Down…Or Not

Chapter 35: My Own Private Fountain

Chapter 36: Slinky Clothes

Chapter 36: More Party!

Paul’s Asshattery, Chs. 14-36

Chapter 36: The End?

Soon and Silenced: Not Quite the End Yet

Wrapping Up

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