Soon: Body Counts

Reader carovee asked an excellent question:

…God killed everyone but Paul, right? Which begs the question, Ruby, whose body count is higher right now, God or Atheistopia?

So I’m going to count!  (This’ll be fun, because I’ve missed doing my Official Bruce Barnes Death Countdown.)



  •  Andy Pass, the Dork Too Stupid
  • Approximately 20 Christians in the San Francisco raid
  • St. Stephen in Texas (I am very reluctant to include him here, because he was killed by Donny Johnson, who was not working for the government, and Tick Harrelson tried to stop it.  However, I will err on the side on inclusion since no one seems to much care that St. Stephen was killed.)
  • Snake-bite victim, masterminded by Bia Balaam
  • Coin-press victim, same
  • Five Christians, killed in Ranold’s “holocaust” in L.A.

Atheistopia’s Death Count: 29



  • 14 SWAT team members in San Francisco, killed in earthquake
  • Donny Johnson from the smoke of the God-created plume of fire
  • Ephesus Demetrius, silver-blasted to death

God’s Death Count: 16


I’m actually rather surprised that Atheistopia has almost double the death count of God as of now.  God is clearly slacking compared to his work in the Left Behind series.

Both counts are current through Chapter 29, and I will update as needed.

Next up: an addition to Atheistopia’s death count…


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  1. Huh! Well, I’m sure the Rapture will come and TurboJesus will swiftly rack up the death count against Atheistopia a way only Nicolae or the Nicolae equivalent will get close to matching. :O

  2. Chapter 35: God Comes Back From His Tea Break, Notices He’s Falling Behind.

  3. Do we know for sure all the 20 Christians in SF were killed by SWAT before God did his rocks-fall-everyone-dies routine? Okay, the way they were going at it, they’d probably all have been killed eventually, but still, God’s plan for dealing when enemies threaten his children is basically the same one Keyser Soze used.

    Also, I have to ask once again why Raynold felt the need to bring in the army, given that the police was just as heavily armed and more murderous. (now proven with statistics. It’s science!) And of course Paul, given that Paul knows first hand neither the Atheistapo nor anyone else in authority needs any encouragement to mow down RTCs, his ‘OMG what did you do, this is a HOLOCAUST!!!’ spiel is really stupid. Jae was moving back in with her folks, wasn’t she? So Raynold already knows Jae wants to divorce him, and she probably told her father why. I’m amazed that Raynold is not leaping at this chance to bring Paul down.

    • Yeah. Didn’t Ranold already make it clear to Paul he didn’t like (but couldn’t prove) the stories he heard about Paul being very unfaithful to Jae?

    • And as a bonus, if Raynold would be abusing his power to get at Paul it might actually succeed in getting some of that desperately needed paranoia into this world. I think pre-conversion Paul was at some point worried that the letter from his dad was a setup from Raynold, but not much came of that. Paul’s conversion would’ve been much more interesting if he’d been falsely accused of being a Christian before, and only learning about Christianity that way, instead of this stupid PhD that hasn’t taught him anything. A world where even the good atheists have to fear being accused of being religious and being hauled off to an interment camp might actually make this distopia work.

      Of course at this point it would lose some effectiveness because Raynold’s accusations aren’t false and Paul is rather blatantly telegraphing his allegiance, so we’d have to chalk it up to the Atheistapo being Super Effective again.

    • Well, in Frisco, all we know for certain is that Paul personally shoots four people. Since the entire raid is seen through Paul’s eyes, and he doesn’t go into the house (at which I roll my eyes), it’s not clear exactly how many Christians were killed by SWAT members, and how many might have been wounded or attempted escape and were killed by the earthquake. But in this case, despite the raid being as clear as mud, I’m going to put them down on the side of Atheistopia–we are supposed to take Jenkins’ word for it that underground zealots would never be armed and that the SWAT folks had a “take no prisoners” attitude.

      Yeah, and on that “holocaust” comment, and rereading the raid chapter–Paul killed exactly one less person than Ranold’s whole team did in L.A.–so who caused a holocaust now, Paul???

      (Not that he’ll suffer any introspection on this point, mind you.)

  4. Awesome!! Thank you. I thought more people died due to the TX fire. So Atheistopia is way ahead, but mostly due to that one raid and Bia apparently randomly offing people in strange ways.

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