Soon: Chapter 30: The (Black) Infiltrator

As you may remember, Harriet Johns, L.A. NPO chief, mentioned a little while back that there were infiltrators in the L.A. underground.

That sounded pretty awesome at the time, given Paul’s (and the Detroit underground’s) arrogant presumption that he must be the only person with the smarts and the knowledge to be a double agent, but…he’s not.

Turns out that one Tyrone Perkins was the inside man at the “holocaust” masterminded by Bia and Ranold, and got caught in the crossfire because Bia and Ranold aren’t big on keeping Harriet in the loop.

The first thing we learn about Tyrone, before we even learn he was the Guy On The Inside, is that he is black.  Which I think makes him the third instance of a person of color in this story.  The first was MLK Day Felicia, the second was the nameless, faceless mass of Catholic Mexicans, and the third is Tyrone.

Tyrone is in the ICU, and reassures us readers that the deaths of the five Christians really was a “holocaust,” because:

“What happened, Tyrone?  Those people armed?” [asked Paul]

“Not a piece.”

That was kinda dumb of them, Tyrone.  Just sayin’.

“No weapons cache anywhere?”

“No.  I’m dying, man, and those dead people are on me.  Good people.  Killed ’em…”

“I didn’t want to see them killed either, Tyrone.”  The young man’s chest heaved, and Paul noticed on the monitor that his pulse was dangerously irregular.  “I’d better get someone for you.”

“No, man!” he gasped.  “I deserve to die.”

I guess Paul agrees, because he doesn’t call anyone and just moves on to the next question, and it looks like ICU units in Atheistopia don’t automatically call medical personnel when things start going south. 

Meh, who cares anyway, amirite?  After all, Tyrone is just some Atheistopian dude who was in it “for the money.” 


“Tyrone, did you know of other groups?”

“Can’t tell…not now.”  His breathing was raspy.

Paul touched his bandaged hand.  “If I convinced you I was one of them, could you tell me so I could warn them?’

[blah blah blah banter with dying man…]

“Didn’t tell nobody the phrase…”

“You didn’t need to tell me.  I know it.”

“Say it.”

“My purpose is to give life…”

Tyrone’s eyes looked huge.  “…in all its fullness,” he whispered.  Paul had to bend close to hear him.  “The port…Fishers of Men…”

“Thank you,” Paul whispered.  “Bless you.”

Tyrone’s machines started beeping and staff came running.

Oh, so now they take some notice in the INTENSIVE CARE UNIT.

So much for the marvels of Atheistopian medicine.

So, Felicia the Martin Luther King secretary, the nameless, faceless Catholic Mexicans, and Tyrone, the guilt-stricken, in-it-for-the-money infiltrator who is now (presumably) dead and in Hell.




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  1. What about Straight? I thought he played the part of Sassy Black Friend.

  2. O.o You’d think rebels in Atheistopia would have guns, if only because more competent people than Paul do actually kill Christians.

  3. I guess I shouldn’t that we’re finally seeing some spillover misery of this atheist theocracy. Thus far the brutal opression that we’ve seen has been suffered exclusively by actual ‘criminals’, and almost all of them were RTCs. It made the Atheistapo seem unrealistically accurate and efficient. I think this marks the first instance where a non-RTC, someone who was working with the Atheistapo, getting hurt despite being innocent (by definition of the laws of Atheistopia, not morally) because of the brutal and excessive oppression. To make this story work even slightly, we needed to see that.

    Aaaaand then it gets pretty much ruined by showing the ‘traitor’ actually really is an RTC who wasn’t really interested in helping the Atheistapo, he just wanted some money and now he feels sorry. Fan-frigging-tastic. So close, and yet so far away Jenkins. Couldn’t let anyone who’s not an RTC be a victim (unless it’s a victim of God’s wrath, because that’s righteous and proves the victim is just a deserving sinner). And Paul really doesn’t comment on the ‘I deserve to die’ part, huh? He doesn’t bring up, say, that he was just thinking a few pages ago about the unarmed fleeing Christians he personally murdered and that God still saw it fit to personally save him? No, of course not. That was Paul’s daddy issues acting up, he couldn’t help it. No, this lousy black man had heard of the RTC teachings and then decided not to act on it. That means he deserves to die like everyone else who ignores your evangelizing on the street.

    I’m also impressed that Paul and Bia apparently got the time and location of the zealot gathering but didn’t know about the spy. They both just got into the city, so they couldn’t have found that out themselves. They must have gotten the location from the spy. So why didn’t Harriet pass on the presence of the spy when she gave them the coordinate? Or did she give it and didn’t they care?

  4. Real-world covert ops have messed up that badly – the point of an undercover operative is that people don’t know about him, after all – but generally it’s an occasion for some serious soul-searching.

    I unworthily want the Fishers of Men down by the port to be another group of legal prostitutes – pillow-talk and evangelism – but I guess that would be too much like moral ambiguity.

    Atheistopian medical nanites don’t raise the alarm until there’s something they can’t cope with. Humans’ time is important!

  5. “Fishers of Men”? Do they mean Flirty Fishers?
    Well, we can hope, can’t we? 😀

  6. I’m not sure exactly why Paul wants to find the next group of zealots. There isn’t anything he can tell or offer them. Since their infiltrator is now dead, it’ll be hard to find for the Atheistapo to find them. I guess they could try interogating the survivors, but that’d take more time than dropping a line to Straight and asking him to pass on the warning. And he knows Bia is trying to follow him, so there’s a fair chance he’s only leading her to the next group faster by going there in person. But hey, manly man Paul needs his to get his action on. And he was so super smart switching trackers, there’s no way a little woman like Bia could have figured this out or have a backup plan, amiright?

    • Yeah, it feels like the Fishers of Men are the next group to get wiped out, and it’ll be all Paul’s fault.

      Then again, why haven’t they already been wiped out? Wouldn’t traitorous Tyrone have told the NPO about them too? A very plot-convenient form of selective betrayal on his part, it seems.

      • Well, I’m pretty sure this new group won’t be wiped out. It’s time for manly man Paul to do something right again. But it’ll be Jenkins bad writing that saves the group, not Paul’s smart decision.

  7. Seriously? The guy’s dying, he’s obviously repentant, and PaulApostle doesn’t try to “save” him????

    Big “FAIL” at Evangelical 101.

    • I’d call Paul’s actions fairly typical of the modern evangelical attitude of this subculture. “Yes, you deserve to die and burn in hell, but can you help me with my problem before you do?”

  8. I hope Jerry B. Jenkems stops throwing around the word “Holocaust” soon, because if he doesn’t I might have to start throwing things.

    He can start likening what’s going on in the story to the Holocaust when the Atheistapo puts Christians into concentration camps and starves/works them to death, throws live and conscious Christian children into furnaces to burn to death because they weren’t considered worth wasting a bullet or gas on, or starts using Christians as human guinea pigs in experiments too horrendous to put here.

    And If Jenkins wants a good model of what religious persecution looks like in the modern world, he should look into the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Of course, that would no doubt be too horrifying for his sheltered RTC audience to handle, and just researching it would be an admission on his part that Christians don’t have a monopoly on getting persecuted, so I doubt it would happen.

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