Confessions of a Former Conservative

Many of you may be fans, as I am, of Confessions of a Former Conservative.  If you tried to visit the blog today, you saw that it is no longer up.  This is because the Former Conservative has decided to retire as a blogger.

Let me assure you that FC is quite well.  However, some external events in his life are demanding his time and attention.  It is my hope that he will still contribute his fresh perspective and great sense of humor at other blogs.

FC has this message at his blog’s Facebook page:

I think the best thing for me to do at this time is to just live Christianity the way I think it should be practiced as best as I can rather than being a critic of others.

And so, I’d like to give FC a send-off with one of his favorite bits from one of the great television shows in human history: the “Hike Up Your Pants” song from the MST3K episode “Daddy-O.”

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  1. Thanks for telling us; if no one had mentioned anything by tomorrow, I was planning to ask if anyone knew what had happened at Slacktivist.

  2. Yeah, I also noticed. And since he’d twice called pauses in his blogging because he wasn’t feeling good about it anymore I was worried that his sudden departure might mean a personal breakdown on his part. Well, as long he’s doing fine, that’s what’s important. If he still reads here, best of luck with your future plans.

  3. I was actually about to ask if anyone knew more about this. Thanks for passing this on, and I’m glad he’s doing okay.

    FC, the very best of luck to you!

  4. That Other Jean

    I wondered what had happened. FC, I’ll miss your blog, but I hope to read more from you in other places. Be well.

  5. Gwuh, so glad to hear he’s okay! Thank you for letting us fans know! I will miss the blog, but the important thing is that he do whatever is best for him. I wish him the best in all things and happiness with his decision and his future endeavors, as I am sure the rest of you do.

    Now, if anyone knows more about what is going on with Personal Failure/Forever In Hell, and whether she is okay… many of us would be anxious to know more. We worry!

  6. inquisitiveraven

    PF’s posted comments on a couple of other people’s blogs since she lost her domain name, but there’s nothing new on her Blogger page since her initial “can’t afford to pay for the website” post.

    • Yeah, I’m checking her Blogger page regularly to see if there’s anything new… glad to hear there have been sightings elsewhere. Thank you for letting us know. I guess that means she’s at least alive and well enough to comment on blogs.

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