TSoA: Chapter 11: Important Things

Last time, I left you with this teaser:

Next up: Murphy’s very sensitive reaction to Isis’s near-death experience.

Turns out that Ivan has this book down:

My money is on that [Murphy] continues his trend from the first book and after Isis tells him she was nearly killed by Talon, he makes it all about him and how he will get Talon for what he did to his wife.

Murphy’s reaction to the news of the near-murder of Isis:

“We know what happened, Isis.  We know who did this—who killed the guards, attacked you.”

“You know, I don’t think I could endure a second loss.”

Ivan wins at The Secret on Ararat forever!


Oh, and I think it is very kind of Murphy not to mention to Isis that had she actually been killed, her soul would be slow-roasted in Hell for all eternity, because she’s not a Christian.

But this chapter has more to it than Michael Murphy being a self-absorbed ass, and Michael Murphy not being quite so much of a self-righteous prick as he might have been.

For example, did you know that Isis McDonald has a sister?


“The police asked me to go to my sister’s in Bridgeport, Connecticut.”

I’m being dead serious when I tell you that when I first heard this on the audiobook, IT BLEW MY MIND.  Babylon Rising has no hint that Isis had any siblings, and the entire tone of our introduction to Isis painted the picture of an only child with a doting single father.

So Isis is calling Murphy from her SISTER’S house in the middle of the night after the attack, and Murphy reacts to Isis’s almost-murder with the sensitivity we have all come to expect from him:

“The fragment of wood—is it still in the lab?”


Really, Murphy?


Isis was just nearly murdered BY THE SAME MAN WHO MURDERED YOUR WIFE, and you’re concerned about the piece of wood.

You selfish punk.

Luckily (and shockingly), Isis agrees with me:

Isis laughed through another sob.  “I thought for a moment you were just concerned about me.”

“I am, Isis,” he protested.

“But there are other, more important things to worry about, aren’t there?  Don’t worry, Michael, I understand.  But the answer to your question is no.  The wood is gone.”

Good thing the wood is gone, because at the rate he’s going, Murphy will be getting no action from Isis.  EVER.

Also, I kinda can’t believe that Isis stood up for herself like that.  It’s almost like Greg Dinallo took over the writing for a few seconds.

It doesn’t even particularly matter that the wood was stolen, because the Foundation scientists already ran a bunch of tests on the wood, and found that it had almost no potassium 40 in it.  Murphy figures that this means that there wasn’t much potassium 40 around before the impossible worldwide flood, which is why people lived for hundreds and hundreds of years and potassium 40 comes from the sun I guess but the giant impossible water canopy kept the sun from damaging things to much and I just don’t care and I doubt Isis does either since she was JUST ALMOST STRANGLED A FEW HOURS AGO.

Yeah, like that.  Would you care to shut up now, Murphy?

“I don’t have to tell you how important this all could be, Isis.  But right now none of it matters.  The only important is that you’re alive and safe.  You know, I don’t think I could endure a second loss.”

Nice attempt at backpedaling, Murph, but we’ll have to deduct points for the self-centered whine on the dismount.



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  1. Isis, talk to your dungeon master now! Miss Thorn knows what to do…

    “You know, I don’t think I could endure a second loss.”
    “You’re putting my potential death on a level with your wife’s? Ew.”

    Does Isis’ sister ever get named? If not, I vote for Diana Kali.

    And finally: MURPHY, SOME THINGS ARE NOT ALL ABOUT YOU. Except… this is a LaHaye book, so in the end they are all about him…

  2. Woot, victory lap.

    So that whole Potasium-40 thing, I take it that’s LaHaye’s addition to explain why there are samples of rock or fossils with very little Potasium-40 in it, a substance with a half-life of about a billion years? And of course evil secular scientist claim that this means the samples must be billions of years old, but awesome scientists like Murphy know that this is because there just didn’t happen to be any Potasium-40 before the flood, so this dating proves only that it’s a sample older than the flood? Am I close again?

    • It would have to be over 10 billion years old, or originate from a source with no radiogenic potassium-40, as the half-life of that isotope is over a billion years.

      Any potassium-40 on Earth which got washed away somehow would have also accompanied stable potassium, so the loss would be in the same proportion (i.e. a mass spec of the stable potassium isotopes should show losses compared to other samples known to be of the same era)

      • True, true, there’d probably still be something left after 5 billion years (about 6% of the original content), but I wasn’t talking specific numbers. My point was that I think this is LaHaye’s way of dealing with radioactive dating. When scientist say “Given the much lower ratio of stable and unstable isotopes in this sample compared to a fresh sample, it must be billions of years old”, LaHaye says “Given the much lower ratio of stable and unstable isotopes in this sample, it must date from before the flood when there was a mysterious lack of rare unstable isotopes that were all suddenly put here during the flood, y’know, just like Genesis says about God suddenly adding new radioactive isotopes.”

      • Grammar Police

        And all that still doesn’t explain why in LaHaye’s world K-40 would suddenly appear after the flood.

  3. As a side note, do we get an explanation of why Talon was here a-murdering again, other than telling everyone who didn’t read the first book that Talon is a bad guy?

    We just had the Seven explain that they wanted to hire Murphy via a proxy to work for them. So what exactly is the point of breaking in? To steal the wood for themselves? The Seven have already concluded that no one is as awesome as Murphy and they can’t find it on their own?
    To deprive Murphy of the wood? If he’s supposed to find the ark for them, how does that help?
    To kill Isis? If they’d done that in the last book Murphy would never have found the last artifact, and they were against killing Muprhy’s loved ones, and even if they don’t know how awesome Isis is (Murphy never made it public, that’s for fucking certain) it again doesn’t help them in the slightest.
    To stroke Murphy’s persecution complex, because nothing makes RTCs get of their asses quite so quickly as making them feel their are under attack by the unrighteous (see also the Chick-Fil-A buisness)? Well, that’s…. not a bad idea actually. But since I doubt LaHaye sees it like that, that can’t have been the intended reason. So what is?

    • Because their Villains’ Union membership was up for renewal, and their latest master plan of:

      (1) Help hero get the stuff he wants.
      (2) [still working on this bit]
      (3) We get the stuff!

      wasn’t considered evil enough…

      • I’m afraid I must deduct a half-internet for not phrasing that as (3) Profit!

        Beside more closely following ze designated meme reference protocols, in this case it actually helps to underscore that it’s all been very poorly explained why the villains would think getting the stuff would help them.

        Eh, let’s just make clear how many gaps there are in their whole logic:

        (1) Help hero get the stuff he wants.
        (2) …
        (3) We get the stuff!
        (4) …
        (5) Beating our greatest enemies, Born Again Bible Believing Christians*!
        (6) …
        (7) Profit!

        I’ll deduct half an internet for incorrect use of ze designated meme now.

        *If ‘RTC’ wasn’t such settled phrase on this corner of the blogosphere, I’d totally propose using BABBC instead.

    • The Seven (they’ll stop at nothing!) say that the ark is super-important to their pre-Antichrist scheming. So they’ve still got Talon on the “don’t kill Murphy…yet” plan.

  4. Headless Unicorn Guy

    Isis was just nearly murdered BY THE SAME MAN WHO MURDERED YOUR WIFE, and you’re concerned about the piece of wood.

    But that piece of wood can PROVE the Truth of Noah’s Ark and the literal FACT of every word of Genesis and Young Earth Creationism! What’s one woman’s life compared to all the SOULS who will be SAVED?

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