TSoA: Chapter 32: Just Another Rape

So, we’re back with the Family Noah.  Or at least one branch of it.

Shem and his wife Achsah have gone to market, not to buy a fat pig, but to buy some lamp oil and spices.  They split up to do this, Shem getting the oil and Achsah getting the spices, but this turns out to be not quite so simple as splitting up at the mall and agreeing to meet at Auntie Anne’s in an hour.

Achsah is almost raped.  Three guys grab her and carry her off.

Some in the marketplace turned and looked, then went back to their business.

Just another rape.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

Huh.  So in this horrible, pre-Flood town, it is BUSINESS AS USUAL for women to be carried off and raped.

Huh huh.  Wonder why Shem left his wife alone for EVEN ONE SECOND.

Idiot.  Kinda sucks that this guy is one-sixth of the future of humanity.  No wonder we’re so screwed up.

Shem kicks the crap out of the guys, and no one else lifts a finger, largely because Shem just so happens to be carrying one of Tubal-cain’s singing swords.

“Let the flood come, O Lord,” [Shem] said to himself, “so we do not have to endure such things any longer.”

Um, Shem we weren’t the ones almost raped.  Just your wife.  How about letting her talk about the situation?



Yeah, let the flood come, O Lord, so the (no doubt) thousands of rape victims can be swallowed up and horribly drowned right along with their rapists.  Because it’s The World that is sinful, right?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Birdies have started to alight on the ark.

Birds from every breed and fashion…

Japheth has apparently been designated Official Bird Wrangler:

For 120 years he had helped his family build the ark.  It had seemed like a never-ending task.  Would there ever really be a terrible rain and a great flood?  Would all the animals really gather and come aboard the ark?

His smile of understanding began to fade.  What about those who would be left behind?  They would be facing God’s judgment.  They would be destroyed.  His father’s warnings were now coming true.

Wow.  Is this a moment of clarity?  Is Japheth actually coming to the realization that his god is cruel and capricious, warning one man of the coming destruction and letting the rest of the world burn?


But no.  This brief spark of near-understanding extinguishes itself as it is created.

Japheth’s thoughts were interrupted by a harsh yelling.

His father and brothers are calling him to look at the land-dwelling animals coming through the clear-cut forest.

Good thing, too, or Japheth might have to deal with complicated thoughts.  Can’t have that.

And Noah isn’t one to give a flying frak about innocent victims of an unjust god, either.  Not while animals are being docile with each other and the humans and sorting themselves into matched sets:

[Noah’s] heart leaped with joy as he realized what God was doing.

Good for you, Noah!  Way to appreciate the gravity of the situation!

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  1. 120 years to build the ark?! . . . WHAT?!? OK, I get that they live in a desert or desert-like community, and gopher wood is probably not all that plentiful, and allegedly people were extraordinarily long-lived back then but . . . WHAT!?!

    Oh, sons of Noah! Ham is a jerk who mocks in naked, drunken father; Shem is a dumbass who leaves his wife alone in a market where women are apparently raped on a regular basis; which means that as far as Japheth is concerned, “that boy is our last hope.” And it took him 120 years to even begin thinking about those who would be killed in the flood.

    Yep. Humanity is doomed.

    (Besides, L’Engle did it better in Many Waters.)

  2. I find myself picturing a Golgarfrincham scenario.

  3. “Let the flood come, O Lord,” [Shem] said to himself, “so we do not have to endure such things any longer.”

    Oh, but Ruby, Shem is being generous by saying we. Obviously he’s the real victim here, what with his wife, his property, almost being defiled. Oh, the shame of being known as the guy who couldn’t protect what was rightfully his! He’s being really nice about it by acknowledging that his wife might not have been a bit unhappy either. (Assuming that ‘we’ doesn’t just apply to Shem and his male family members)

    I also love how this statement is a perfect reproduction of half the posts on Rapture Ready, if you replace ‘flood’ with ‘Rapture’. Yes, of course the good biblical men of the ancient times think exactly like the good biblical men of our times. And of course, knowing that at any moment a neighbour down the street could marry someone of the same sex is just as tough as knowing that he can drag you off the street with no one looking twice at any moment.

  4. What about those who would be left behind? They would be facing God’s judgment.

    Oh, great. That’s all we need, a Left Beihnd prequel set during the Flood. Two macho idiots clinging to a log for 40 days, waiting for telephones to be invented.

    • That…actually sounds pretty hilarious. Can you post a link here if you write it?

    • Rachim Bronze’s mind was on a woman he had never touched. With his fully loaded wagon on autohorse…

    • I’m imagining something like Waiting for Godot, or Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, or something else similarly existentialist and absurd mostly about two people just talking in a strange or strangely banal situation.

      (J. Michael Straczynski also wrote a short radio play series called “City of Dreams” with one amusing episode called Samuel Beckett, Your Ride is Here, which is rather obviously inspired by Godot. And he did another (sort of) about a guy tasked by God to build a second Ark, because it turns out God loves Him some favoritism and Noah got to carry all the cute, majestic, and non-venomous animals while the other guy got tasked with carting around the insects, arachnids, viruses, and everything else horrible. And he was voiced by Tim Curry. “Two petri dishes of plague bacilli?” So now the two episodes are doing a funny little dance in my head.)

  5. I think the “we won’t have to endure this” thing relates to the phenomenon of thinking sexual sins are wrong only because of the sexual element. So in the fundy mind, rape is wrong because it’s sex, not because of lack of consent etc. In the same way they think adultery is wrong because it involves sex, not because of the associated betrayal of trust. And so on.

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