TSoA: Chapter 33, Part 1: Not Big Surprise

Murphy reacts to the loss of the ark artifacts with all the grace and class you would expect.

In other words, he is at his most dickish and condescending.

Not big surprise.

The actual big surprise here is that when Murphy and Isis return to the guy’s shop the next day with the cash, they find him…not there.  He’s just gone.  Gone as in “disappeared,” not as in “his brains were splattered all over his shop by the bullet of a sniper named Talon.”

Murphy “argues” that the guy must have gotten cold feet because he was selling fakes.  Isis counters that she knows the writing was genuine, and no one would skip town when promised thousands of dollars in cold, hard American cash.

Also, splattered brains, but I guess we’re not supposed to think about that.

Murphy sighed.  “Well, we’ll never know now.  So let’s just put it behind us.  What do you think of Dogubayazit?”

Murphy has no idea with whom he is dealing.  Isis ignores his lame-ass attempt at a change of subject, and continues making her case:

“If you’d been prepared, if you’d had the money with you—“

As we all know, there is only one antidote to logic, and that is to interrupt a woman while she’s talking.

“Isis, please!” Murphy almost shouted.  “I’ve had a lot more experience than you with these things.  Trust me, we were about to be taken for a ride.  And now we’re within striking distance of Ararat.  Let’s look forward, not back.  Okay?”

She snorted again, but didn’t say anything.

She’s learning.  Sadly, Isis is learning that it doesn’t matter that she is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY RIGHT IN THIS, the tone of the passage, and the fact that Murphy gets the last word and the subject-change, show her that she has been demoted from quirky, awesome, thinking-on-her-feet intellectual to nag and damsel-in-distress.

Sucks to be you, Isis.

The entire team has moved on to a hotel at the foot of Mount Ararat, because the aftermath of the murder of that guy in the chapter before last is unimportant.

What is apparently also unimportant is the camaraderie among the Genera-Team: Fearless Gum Popping Leader, Señor SEAL, Nerd, Token Turk, The Dick, and Larry the Photo Guy.  Oh, and Vern (Friend Who Could Not Be Bothered to Come to Laura’s Funeral) (Vern for short).

They’re all laughing it up (fuzzball) in the dining room.  I could have sworn that this was what Murphy wanted, but I guess not:

…Lundquist waved Murphy and Isis over.  “Come on, you two.  Have a drink and something to eat.”


Murphy decided it was time to establish his authority.  “No thanks.  We need to get things moving.”

Ah, I see.  So it was never really about turning the group into a cohesive unit.  It was just about Murphy getting to play General.

He sends them all off on various errands, most of which appear to be useless (“checking” on things).  Isis and the Nerd go to the market, because shopping for food is what wimmins and nerds do.  It’s no work for Real Men.

The only one who seems to have something important and time-sensitive to do is Token Turk, who needs to get permission for the helicopter to go up the mountain.

[Token Turk] frowned.  “Do not trouble yourself [about the permit].  Trust me, it will be done.”

“Then do it,” Murphy insisted.

[Token Turk] slunk off with a scowl.  [Larry the Photo Guy] watched him go and gave Murphy a wink.  “Way to go, Murphy.  I hope you haven’t made an enemy there.”

Murphy turned on him.  “There’s no room for prima donnas on this team, [Larry].  The sooner [Token Turk] realizes it, the better.”

“There’s only room for ONE prima donna, Larry, and that’s me.  Also, it’s PROFESSOR Murphy, SIR, to you.”

Morale in this group is no doubt at its peak!  Let’s storm Mount Ararat!


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  1. Yeah, Murphy is covering for his incompetence. He was totally willing to pay the day before but now that his error was exposed he decided they were always fakes. Then, because he screwed up so badly in front of Isis, he had to reestablish his dominance by pushing other people around too.

  2. “If you’d been prepared, if you’d had the money with you—”

    As big a jerkwad as Murphy is, it seems unfair of Isis to blame him for not keeping $10,000 cash in his wallet at all times during his stay in an unfamiliar city, just in case artifact peddlers pop out of the woodwork. Then, however, Murphy blows his goodwill by being a jerkwad.

    As we all know, there is only one antidote to logic, and that is to interrupt a woman while she’s talking.

    Holy smokes, Ruby, this bit isn’t from the book, is it? Tell me that’s a snarky comment from you that got accidentally formatted as part of the passage.

    Ah, I see. So it was never really about turning the group into a cohesive unit. It was just about Murphy getting to play General.

    That’s what Murphy thinks “a cohesive unit” means: everyone doing what Murphy says.

  3. What is it about the titles with these people? Anyone would think they were obsessed with worldly things.

  4. Murphy turned on him. “There’s no room for prima donnas on this team”


    Oh, and while Murphy’s treatment of Isis is once again dickish, I got to say, her stephorisation isn’t nearly as bad as I’d assumed from some of the ‘If you think Jae’s got it bad, wait till you see Isis in the second book’ comments I read.

  5. That Other Jean

    Oh, yeah, Murph–that’s some team building you’ve done there. Everybody’s got everybody else’s back–all they have to do is aim their knives. Nice work!

  6. SQUEEEEE! My nicknames have been picked up by the host and made official! 😀 😀 😀

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