TSoA: Chapter 49: Takes Way Too Long

It totally does.  Take way too long.  All you need to know is that Murphy and Isis leave Vern in the capable Bronze-Age care of Obi-Wan, and head back to that one town where they made the day trip, to find the guy who had the first (or is it last?) bronze plate with the secret of Harry Potter.

They find out that the would-be seller was murdered, and the last/first bronze plate stolen.

The only vaguely interesting part comes when they have a discussion with the dead guy’s cousin, who tells Murphy and Isis that his family has promised retribution on the killer.

Murphy thought he knew what kind of “family” the blonde man was referring to.

My, my, Murph…that’s awfully cynical for a good Christian man, eh?

So Murphy and the guy make a deal: Murphy and Isis will give a description of Talon to the guy, and if anyone in the family finds Talon first, they will hand him over to Murphy.  And when and if Murphy gets to Talon, he must kill him.

This seems like a fairly crappy deal for the blonde guy and his family (or “family”), but Isis’s concerns are more spiritual:

Isis looked at [Murphy], wondering what he was going to say.  She knew how powerful was the instinct for revenge when a loved one had been killed, but could he make such a promise as a Christian?

“I promise,” said Murphy.

I almost can’t believe it!  An actual moral conflict!

I may have to sit down.

Wait…I am sitting down.

Oh well.



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  1. Not sure how useful a description of Talon will be, since we’re talking about a master of disguise. Hell, for all we know, Blondie is Talon, with the real Blondie’s pecked-to-death corpse stuffed in a broom closet.

    (Hope I’m not right and inadvertently spoiling a plot twist here. I haven’t guessed right about anything yet, so if I am it’d be a first.)

  2. Perhaps the “family” is his sisters and his cousins and his aunts. After all, they’re invisible to Born-Again Bible-Believing Christians…

  3. Okay, fingerquote family refers to a maffia, correct? Because… why would Murphy assume this? Obviously, now that he’s said it, it will be right. But aren’t family members of murder victims cutting out the middleman when making sure the murderer is caught a pretty common staple of rural islamic regions, in western perception anyway? It wouldn’t be out of place for an RTC novel to use it as proof that those people are barbarians, I don’t know why this book feels the need to drag organized crime into it.

    Either way, the islamic guy just agreed to do all the work searching for Talon, and then let Murphy deal with the revenge part.

    • Whatever’s going on, I do appreciate the acknowledgement that Talon’s habit of casually murdering bystanders has consequences; that even no-name extras have friends and relatives somewhere (or “relatives”); and that leaving a trail of bodies in one’s wake, however artfully done, can bite one in the ass later.

      Talon has been built up for so long as the unstoppable, untouchable assassin, his ultimate undoing at the vengeful hands of Nameless Victim #362 brother would actually be a pretty fun, fitting, almost Whedonesque twist.

      • Interesting take. Too bad Nameless extra #362’s brother just promised to hand him over to awesome man #1 Micheal Murphy.

      • ***SPOILER***
        Neither Michael nor the victim’s kinsman gets to kill Talon. At the end of book 4, he’s crushed under some collapsing undersea ruins in a context that’s meant to scream “God killed him personally”.

    • inquisitiveraven

      The thing about mafia “families,” is that they are very often actually families, i.e. the members of a particular gang are often related by blood or marriage. The finger quotes are really stupid, even if the organized crime does have anything to do with it.

  4. So blonds with families are automatically in organized crime; even crime bosses scrape and bow to Teh Awesome Manliness of Our Hero; and it’s perfectly fine for Christians to murder and seek revenge just so long as they never, ever, ever tell a single bald-faced lie.

    Sounds like another typical day on the RTC Farm.

  5. So Murphy and the guy make a deal: Murphy and Isis will give a description of Talon to the guy, and if anyone in the family finds Talon first, they will hand him over to Murphy. And when and if Murphy gets to Talon, he must kill him.

    That makes no sense.

    So the guy who wants Talon dead has agreed not to kill him, and the guy who wants him alive has agreed to kill him. The only way I could see either party going ahead with it is if they both intend to double-cross the other.

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