Silenced: Getting Ready

My first post on Silenced will go up in a few days, but it’s not really my first.

You seen, Soon, the first book in Jerry Jenkins’ Underground Zealot series, ended with a sorta-cliffhanger: the city of Los Angeles had just been stripped of all water by a loving God, at the behest of his loving followers.  The book ended only a moment after the dessication occurred, so readers (either of the books themselves, or this blog) would have to wait for Silenced to learn what happened in the wake (har) of the lack of water.

And I didn’t want my loyal readers to have to wait!

So, I covered most of the Prologue of Silenced here.

Also, if anyone is new around here or would like a refresher on one Paul Apostle Stepola, you can check out my entire critique of Soon here.  For an even quicker refresher, the series has a TV Tropes page!

See you…soon.


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  1. Yes. Now this is the kind of horribleness that I read this blog for. Michael Murphy is a totally self-absorbed, incompetent ass, but next to Paul Stepola, he comes off like Captain Picard and James Bond all rolled into one. Come to think of it, that might be the reason Jenkins wrote these books.

    Nah, it was for the money.

    • I dunno, I can think of a few scenes of James Bond where he looks just as dickish as Murphy, even without comparisons to worse things. I can’t say he’s exactly like Murphy, because the scenes I’m refering to contain brutal-yet-casual murder or barely consentual sex, which are two things Murphy doesn’t do.

      But nitpicking aside, I agree with you completely. I cannot believe any sentient lifeform thought the ending to Soon was a good idea. In Left Behind, Jenkins had the excuse that the horrible miracles weren’t his idea, they were god’s (via his interpeter LaHaye).

      But why, oh why, would anyone cheer a protagonist who, when he finds himself in a position to ask any favor from an almighty being, choses one that kills off thousands* of the weakest, sickest and oldest civilians, instead of something that just protects himself or at most kills the soldiers who were killing them.

      * I still say thousands dead was a very conservative estimate for a ‘no water and no transport’ situation in L.A. in summer. But then again, this is Jenkins who described the total population of earth as millions, so a mistake of 3 orders of magnitude is par for the course.

  2. Presumably the title refers to the thousands of innocent voices silenced forever by the effects of God and his evil, evil miracle.

  3. Personally, I think Paul has become an agent of the Demiurge.

  4. “I wish we’d all been ready…”

    I wonder if there’s a bit of the Bible RTCs read as saying “yea, there will be lousy books with hateful protagonists, and this will be a sign of the End”…

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