Silenced: Chapter 2: Rome and Paris

So I forgot to mention in the last chapter that Rome was bombed, too.

Basically because Jenkins devoted several pages to Big Ben and the plight of Chubby Charlotte, and one sentence to Rome:

In Rome, the former zoological gardens (which for fifty years had been a Bio Park containing endangered species) had been nearly obliterated, the animals killed or scattered, and hundreds of visitors killed or wounded.

Presumably, Jenkins means the Bioparco, though he doesn’t use its real name.  We know it’s an evil, atheistic place, though, what with trying to preserve endangered species and all.  Kinda funny that Big Ben gets over two full pages, and the Bioparco gets one sentence.

Anyway, Chapter 2 hits a point mentioned in Soon: that Jae dislikes being a stay-at-home mom, and would rather be working.  (Don’t worry, she’ll be taught how wrong she is in two separate ways.)

Also, she is very upset about the disasters in London and Rome: not because of the horror and loss of life, but because it means that Paul will probably have to go overseas and track down the evil religionists who did it.

Things were going so well.  Part of her wanted a pledge from him that he would remain faithful to her, but another part of her knew that if she had to require that, they weren’t healthy.

She resolved to bury her worries and suspicions and concentrate on loving and supporting him.

The fact was, he had so far succeeded only in softening her and persuading her that he was trying.  If he cheated on her again, she would not be able to forgive him, even if she wanted to.

“I swear, Paul, the other thirty-eight times were one thing, but number THIRTY-NINE???”

Paul gets home from work and reveals that yes, if something else happens, if Styr Magnor bombs just ONE MORE PLACE, he will be sent to Europe.  Because there is apparently no one else on the PLANET who can do what Paul does (absolutely nothing but pal around with the zealots and pray for atheists to die, but the NPO doesn’t know that).

“Oh, Paul!  We were just getting back on track.”

“Barely tolerating each other and revealing none of our personal thoughts or opinions to each other.  Never laughing or having any fun together.  We were SO on track!”

And again, Jenkins makes sure we understand that cheating can ALWAYS be laid at the wife’s feet:

She would never again allow herself to take the blame for Paul’s indiscretions, but she knew a bad attitude on her part had to contribute.

Of course it did.

Paul explains the situation to Jae, because wimmins don’t understand manly endeavors like politics:

“The initial posture is to wait, to see whether the response from the chancellor cools things.  Face it, he laid down the gauntlet.  If he will not negotiate with this terrorist, what will he do?  Dengler is the ultimate peacenik.  Could be whoever’s behind this will push him to violence, even to war.”

Peacenik.  How long had it been since Jae had heard that archaic term?

Man, Paul is one cold bastard.  His father was killed in action in the last war this world saw, yet he gets down on the leader of the world for not wanting war.

Also, Jae does not pursue this line of thought.  Huh, my husband, who has worked for the National PEACE Organization for his entire career, is using a derogatory term for someone who wants…peace.

Speaking of the NPO, Paul reveals that if another attack happens, he will head to Bern, Switzerland, to meet with Baldwin Dengler himself, and NPO International.

So, National Peace Organization International.


And, of course, another attack happens.  Like Chubby Charlotte but unlike the Bioparco, the destruction of the Eiffel Tower follows one of the victims, Gabriela Negrutz of Romania, and her husband and two little boys.  They are business-tripping/vacationing in Paris and the one thing Gabriela wants to do is go up in the rebuilt Tower, which…

…had been destroyed in World War III before Gabriela was born.  The rebuilt tower, made of gold-plated steel and iron and porcelain, was three times the height of the original and had become the tourist attraction of Europe.  Critics of its garish look and monstrous size called it the Awful Eiffel.

Well, those who spoke English, anyway.  Otherwise the alliteration doesn’t really work.

The little boys are inexplicably blasé about going up in a tower that is a half-mile tall, but Gabriela’s husband is awesome:

“Your mother has been planning this day for months, and this is the one thing we will do together that she wants to do.”

Yep, the family that stays together…dies horribly when the Eiffel Tower is bombed.  They are in the jetvator, past the halfway point, when they hear a boom and the Tower leans waaaaaay to the side, then falls.  We are then treated to a detailed description of nearly everyone in the jetvators being suffocated or crushed to death before they even hit the ground.

Fun fact: just like Chubby Charlotte, all the victims are going to roast in Hell forever!

And hey, check it out: there is plenty of footage of the Eiffel Tower being destroyed, too!


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  1. Little kids died in the bombing? Yeah, false flag. I mean, when Paul got LA dehydrated in mid-summer it probably killed a few hundred kids, but if Jenkins describes it happening, then it must be the villains doing it.

    • Agreed. At this point, the intent is clear that the bombings are Bad Things and separate from the, er, “good” terrorism the Christians are engaging in. It’s so obviously a false flag that I’m surprised the bomber isn’t a dude named Sal Gaffel.

      • Although it would be interesting if Styr Magnor really is a true believer acting independently. And then Paul confronts him and says he’s misguided and his terrorist acts are different from what good Christians do, and Styr is like, “How?” and Paul doesn’t know how to answer that.

  2. Well, at least Jenkins is consistent. Try to work out for yourself what the right thing to do might be? You’re WRONG. Do what your boss (husband, pastor) says.

    If Paul’s father hadn’t died, Paul wouldn’t be Head Of His Family.

  3. To be fair, raw aesthetic hatred is a legitimate response to a shiny new Eiffel Tower. Give it a few decades and a key part in defeating les Boches TurboMechaJesus and it will be popular too.

    …Oh, wait, dang. 😦

  4. Do you think chancellor Baldwin Dengler is important enough to have an anagram name? You can get “blind” out of his name, which seems like a promising start since it looks like he’ll be responsible for Mr. Martyr Song’s unjust execution (though surely the man himself should share some of the blame, having voluntarily taken credit for mass murder), but so far the best I’ve come up with is “Blind Anger Weld”.

    Or, possibly, “Angel Web Dirndl”.

  5. I don’t think an Eiffel tower with gold-plate would work. Paris is built on a patchwork of sewers and mushy ground- the reason it doesn’t have a lot of skyscrapers is they physically can’t. I mean, maybe Atheist-topia decided that it was time to just bulldoze the entire city (or WW3 did) but that’s basically what would have to happen and THEN they’d have to reinforce the entire city for the foundation.

    But I suppose that’s nit-picky.

    And Jae, oh, I want to hug you. It’s NEVER your fault if someone breaks a vow to you.

  6. Part of her wanted a pledge from him that he would remain faithful to her

    Yes, if only there were some sort of ceremony where two people could vow to love each other and only each other for the rest of their lives…

    • Ymfon, clearly such a thing would destroy traditional marriage (one man with multiple wives, multiple concubines, wives conquered in war and wives acquired in levirate marriage).

  7. MW3 was not a particularly great game, but I gotta admit, the Eiffel Tower level was pretty neat.

    Although it’s sad that Gabby and her family have to go to hell, at least they’ll have a cool story about how they got there.

  8. “Dengler is the ultimate peacenik. Could be whoever’s behind this will push him to violence, even to war.”

    Yep, he’s a Jenkins bad guy, all right. You know how those “peaceniks” are, after all; just so many wolves in sheeps’ clothing, and never an actual sheep to be seen.

  9. Paul is *such* a piece of work. (<_<)

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