Silenced: Chapter 15: The Nerve

Welcome back to Silenced, everyone!  Hope you all enjoyed the Wintermas reviews and Ivan’s second guest critique!

If you need a Silenced refresher, just click here.  Only need the last chapter before this one?  Here.

Ranold hints some more to Jae (without providing details…yet) about Paul’s supposed infidelity and treason.  Just so we know what horrible atheists they are, Ranold gives Jae a glass of whiskey to nurse in the face of the news (it’s still early in the morning), and Jae thinks of how angry she is at Paul:

The nerve!  To come on like he was a new man, a changed guy, as eager to backhoe and fill and work on the marriage as she.  Jae had actually looked forward to the rest of their married life together, allowed herself to imagine how much healthier Brie and Connor were going to be growing up in a happy home.  Now Paul was going to have to sue her to see his own kids.  If he wasn’t behind bars or put to death.  The latter was too good for him, unless she got to give the injection herself.

Ha!  Won’t Jae feel like the silly woman she is when she finds out that it has been over a year since Paul actually physically cheated and SIX WHOLE MONTHS since he’s had an emotional affair with another woman.

And as far as the treason goes, all Paul is guilty of is not doing his job, and praying for and then celebrating the deaths of thousands of innocents.

Silly Jae!

(Also, I think it’s kinda funny that Jae thinks Paul would sue to see the kids.  It’s not like he’s shown interest in the kids even when he’s living in the same house as them.)


As Jae is having a womany attack of nerves, downing the booze and screaming into a pillow, Paul is meeting up with the head of the French underground, Chappell Raison.

ChappellShow is given the usual height treatment from Paul (shorter of course, but only by one inch), and Paul gives serious thought to ChappellShow’s metabolism (“galloping“), instead of just giving us a weight number.

ChappellShow is a fast-talking weirdo who directs Paul to a disused chicken coop (really) for their first meeting.  Turns out he generically “lost” his wife and two kids, but is super-psyched that “living, breathing ambassador” Paul is there to “encourage” the underground.  Thanks, American male!  Because the French could never take care of their own resistance, right?


Anyway, it’s way more interesting back in D.C., where Ranold makes it clear to Jae that this isn’t just about nailing Paul because he’s an asshole (though that’s certainly a bonus):

“We want to play this out, Jae.  Use Paul.  Let him lead us to the heads of the European resistance.  We thought we had problems in this country.  And we do.  But if the Europeans are going to resort to terrorist attacks—in the name of God, of course—that’s where we need to concentrate.”

So, basically, this scene establishes Ranold as way more interested in preventing tragedy than Paul is.

WAY more.


Not that Paul isn’t making headway.  I mean, ChappellShow reveals that he knew Styr Magnor years ago.

So Paul is accidentally getting closer to the terrorist!

ChappellShow tells Paul that Magnor was maybe faking a Norse accent, and that he wasn’t real Christian (or course not) because…

“…he never mentioned the name of Christ.  That is a dead giveaway, you know.  A lot of God talk and a lot of revenge talk, but no evidence of a real relationship with Jesus.”

What a relief!  We know now that Magnor was not a real Christian.  After all, a real Christian would talk about his relationship with Jesus before killing hundreds of people.  Just like Paul and the L.A. Christians did before they got their thug God to dessicate the city.

Because that’s what good people do.

I can’t wait for Ranold to try and nail Paul.  Surprising though it is that Ranold just doesn’t have Paul disappeared, like any respectable Evil Dystopian Government Agent, at least we can take comfort in the fact that he is ethical enough to do this by the book.

And not the Good Book, either.

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  1. A lot of God talk […] but no evidence of a real relationship with Jesus.

    Don’t tell me the man’s a Catholic?!

  2. “…he never mentioned the name of Christ. That is a dead giveaway, you know. A lot of God talk and a lot of revenge talk, but no evidence of a real relationship with Jesus.”

    Say, Ruby, do you remember if you printed the whole of the Fisherman’s pre-draught ransom note, or only parts of it? Cause this is what you reprinted in

    Paul read Carl’s daring manifesto over Barton’s shoulder. It boldly stated that the Christian men and women of greater Los Angeles were praying that God would dry up the water supply…

    We know that the fervent prayer of the righteous avails much, and if the killing of the innocents does not immediately cease, we’re trusting God to answer this prayer and send this judgment on our tormentors.

    If the army does not immediately withdraw and leave us to worship in peace, we believe this will come to pass.

    When it happens–and it will happen–you will know God has acted.

    To prevent it, we call on all affected citizens to rise up and force the powers that be to change their cruel and unjust laws against people of faith.

    Lack of Jesus? Check. God talk? Check. Revenge talk? Oh fuck yes, check. Well, that settles it, Paul and his murderous fishermen are all fake Christians.

    Of course, even if Jesus was brought up in that note, it’s rather weird that a false flag wouldn’t think to just copy said note, Jesus references and all. I just love how the zealots seem to think that not mentioning Jesus in your screed is a clear sign you’re not an RTC. And conversely, how Jenkins seems to think that no one who isn’t an RTC would ever namedrop Jesus.

  3. Them crazy womens! Never should’a taught ’em to read.

    World’s Worst Secret Police go up against World’s Worst Underground. To borrow the unfortunately apt tag line from Alien vs Predator: “Whoever wins, we lose”.

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