Coming Soon to a Heathen Critique near you!

So I was leafing through my collection of Christian movies.  (Yes, I have a whole collection.)  And I still want to make this a summer full of movies, including Pamela’s Prayer (my own personal One That Started It All), as well as at least one more Teenage film and maybe another (very early) Christiano work.

But I was feeling the need to do something a bit more modern, a bit more…Kirk Cameron-y…

I have never seen this before and just got it into my DVD player today.  So looking forward to watching Kirk “Buck Williams” Cameron pretend to be a tough-as-nails firefighter!


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  1. Ooh, a tough manly fire-fighter. If he has a properly Freudian name, then we found a fourth member for the Overcompensators.

    • Hmm, weird and does have a masculine sound to it, but not as testostronial as Steele or Stone. Still, that lack of overcompensating with the name is nothing that can’t be fixed by a few well chosen shots of Caleb holding his long, strong firehose firehose in a powerful grip as it shoots its mighty load to bring salvation to the many distressed women he meets.

  2. Have you seen the Kendricks’ earlier movies already (“Flywheel”, “Facing the Giants”)? You won’t catch all the inside jokes if you haven’t. It’s been a while since I’ve seen this, so I don’t remember what they all are. I know there’s a shot of the sign for a biscuit restaurant which is a reference to “Flywheel”, but I can’t think of the others.

  3. “It seems I’m a hero with everybody in the world except my wife.”

    You know, if you are in the habit of describing yourself as a “hero with everybody in the world”, that might just be part of the problem right there.

    And now I’m really curious to find out what that book is that dad sends him in the mail. Surely it can’t be the Bible, since I don’t remember the Bible having chapters about giving your wife some flowers and calling her just to ask how she’s doing.

    • You know, if you are in the habit of describing yourself as a “hero with everybody in the world”, that might just be part of the problem right there.

      *nods* That would be Nice Guy Syndrome and it’s exactly part of the problem.

      • I’d considered it more of a Buck Williams-style bloated ego. (“Surely all these coworkers who’s names I never bothered to remember will consider it a privilege to work with me.”)
        Which would still make it part of the problem if his wife has any self respect (i.e. she isn’t a proper RTC yet).

        • “My life is just so difficult, constantly having to fend off reporters who want to interview me about my awesomeness. Why can’t my wife understand that?”

          “Don’t worry son, I’ll send you my copy of the Junior Woodchucks Guidebook, since that book always contains pertinent advice to every imaginable situation.”

          “Wow, the diagrams in this book really are helping me brush my teeth more efficiently!”

  4. It would be good if we could get an actual firefighter to come in and comment on this. Then we might find out if fire company captains really do give relationship counselling to their men.

    • inquisitiveraven

      Not exactly a firefighter, but I used to be an EMT that volunteered at a fire company. While I was there, we had two chiefs and I’m not sure how many assistant chiefs, and I have a hard time picturing any of them giving relationship advice. No captains that I remember, but lots of lieutenants, and I wouldn’t expect relationship advice from them either.

  5. Yippee. I was kind curious about this movie, but there is no way I could endure any part of this movie without some good snark from RubyTea.

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