TV Alert: Fireproof

For anyone who wants to see the full saga of Caleb and Catherine (and follow along with my critique and Inquisitive Raven’s insights into the realism of the firefighting), TBN will be showing Fireproof twice over the next eight days!

If nothing else, their description shows how different people can interpret a movie oh-so-very differently.  It calls both Caleb and Catherine “decent, caring,” and “disrespectful and selfish.”

Now, me, I would have called Catherine, but not Caleb, decent and caring.  And I would have called Caleb, but not Catherine, disrespectful and selfish.  But that’s just heathen me.



Posted on November 16, 2014, in Fireproof, Movies, TV Alerts. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. inquisitiveraven

    Okay, now I have to finish part 3. I’ll say this: Caleb is too wrapped up in the idea of being a hero to do his job properly. To whet your appetites, have a blog post from Slate about whether or not firefighters are heroes.

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