Christian Entertainment in the Wild

Spotted in a “Christian Living” display at Barnes and Noble today…

As seen on Fireproof

The Love Dare


The Love Dare for Parents

What the…?

Why for parents?  I envision a struggling couple buying The Love Dare, their marriage still crappy 30 days later, then they go—

“Damn!  It must be because we have kids, and we were doing the WRONG dare!  We must buy this book, too!”

It really makes me want to critique the book here…though I feel I might be hamstrung, inasmuch as I am a single chick, and can’t bring firsthand knowledge of marriage to the critique.  Still, should I put it in the poll for which book I shall critique first in 2015?  Thoughts?


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  1. A poll is always good. Personally, I think it’s time to give Manly Murphy another good rubbing, and mourn Isis’ journey towards Stephord.

  2. Surely there could be a whole series depending on who else is in your life.

    The Love Dare for Adoptive Parents (‘cus that’s TOTALLY DIFFERENT)
    The Love Dare for Dog Owners
    The Love Dare for AI Researchers

  3. Count me in as an early vote for The Love Dare.

    Also, did it cost noticably less than it would at, say, a Family Christian Store? I noticed that happens sometimes. The same book or CD at Barnes & Noble or even Walmart or Target or Meijer will cost more at a Family Christian or Lifeway Christian Store.

    • Cover price, IIRC. I try to get all my blog fodder from used book sales, garage sales, etc. I’ve made exceptions (Six: The Mark Unleashed and Late One Night come to mind), but I have collected the complete adventures of Paul Stepola and Michael Murphy that way!

  4. Why should anyone need a separate Love Dare for Parents? Because all relationship problems can be solved by assuming that your partner is a simplistic stereotype which I will outline in my book. Unless I write a sequel, in which case you should assume your partner fits that stereotype instead. Because men are from Mars, but men with kids are from… some entirely different region of Mars requiring a separate guidebook.

    Look for my other best-selling series:

    Simple Solution to All Your Problems
    Simple Solution to All Your Problems 2: Still Very Simple
    Simple Solution to All Your Problems 3: Life’s Not Getting Any More Complicated
    Simple Solution to All Your Problems 4: Solving the Problem of Having No Problems
    Simple Solution to All Your Problems 5: Your Life Should Be Problem Free by Now
    Simple Solution to All Your Problems 6: So Why Are You Still Buying These?
    Simple Solution to All Your Problems 7: Not That I Mind the Money

  5. I would be interested in seeing Love Dare, as a married person myself. You could critique the advice and us married folks can chime in with additional critiques/feedback in the comments.

    Also, my husband wandered by while I was typing this and was initially intrigued enough by the concept to wonder if the Love Dare might be something he could do for me (just to be nice, mind you, our marriage isn’t in any trouble), but changed his mind after I showed him the examples from the Fireproof critique. “Hey, our marriage could always be better… wait… no, this looks like crap, not doing it.”

    • Ooo, I like this idea! Then we can get the single perspective, and the married perspective!

      I would be so fitting as a lead-up to Valentine’s Day, too. 😉

    • I’ll cast my usual “whatever Ruby feels like” vote, but I wouldn’t mind giving the Love Dare a look. After all, we’ve watched the 122-minute advertisement for it. 🙂

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