First Critique of 2015: Poll Time!

Happy Almost-2015, everyone!

As promised, here is the poll for our first critique of the new year.  Since at the last poll, it was decided that I do some movies, I figure it’s time for a book.

So, we have some options!

1.  Back to Paul Stepola with Shadowed, the final piece of the Underground Zealot trilogy.

2.  Back to Michael Murphy with The Europa Conspiracy, the third part of the Babylon Rising quartet.

3.  Something new from Jerry Jenkins: I, Saul.

4.  Something on which Fireproof, one of our most recent movies, was based: The Love Dare.

So, whaddaya all think?


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  1. Regarding the first one, I think you’re thinking of Paul Stepola. I understand though; protagonists in RTC tend to be interchangeable. And I know Paul Stepola is an abusive shitstain but your snarks are so satisfying to read.

  2. Aww, no love for the Mighty Murphy Power Ranger?

    Well, obviously not, but no love for taking a blowtorch to his massive ego?

    • He can get in line; Paul the Dessicating Apostle needs the blowtorch first.

      • Headless Unicorn Guy

        “Stepola = ‘Apostle’ spelled sideways! Get it?”

        Has anyone checked Apostle-spelled-sideways Paul for signs of being an Author Self-Insert? It’s known that “Buck” from Left Behind is an obvious “Mr Selfie”, so checking for similarities between those two would be a place to start.

    • I’d enjoy watching Murphy get taken down a notch, but he’s just nowhere near as odious as Paul Stepola, on any level. He doesn’t have a record of being an asshole to his family, and I don’t believe the man as he’s been presented so far would be remotely okay with praying for the deaths of millions (or billions) or unbelievers.

      • Headless Unicorn Guy

        Well, it’d be the last book in the Trilogy(TM), so at least it’d all be over afterwards.

        Whereas with Murphy, isn’t that an open-ended series?

  3. I’m with you, Loquat. I never thought there could be a Jenkins protagonist worse than Bucky or Ray-Ray, yet here we are. :O

    • Headless Unicorn Guy

      Again, has anyone checked Apostle-spelled-sideways Paul for Bucky’s Author Self-Insert characteristics?

      (Ray-Ray doesn’t count, except for canonical slashfic setups; he’s the OTHER Author Self-Insert.)

    • The depressing this is, it’s not that big a step, belief-wise, from one to the other – Buck and Rayford believe that it’s right and just for God to slaughter everyone who doesn’t follow the correct faith, and that the only acceptable way to try and save someone from that slaughter is to try and convert them to the correct faith – Paul just takes it that one step further by asking God to start the slaughter rather than sitting there waiting for it to start.

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