Shadowed: Getting Ready

Okay, you guys, I can take a hint!

As of this writing, the poll is as follows:

Shadowed: 51.2%

The Love Dare:  26.83%

The Europa Conspiracy:  17.07%

I, Saul:  4.88%

Day-um.  Shadowed just had a runaway lead that I did not anticipate.  I figured it would be a toss-up between The Love Dare and The Europa Conspiracy.

Then again, I can understand wanting to tie up Paul Stepola and throw him in a river.

Or tie up the Underground Zealot series and put a bow on these critiques.  Whichever.  😉

As you no doubt recall, Silenced ended with God instituting his holy reign of terror, silencing (har) millions upon millions of firstborn sons by slaughtering them.

Because Paul Stepola asked him to do it.

In the extremely helpful What Has Gone Before opening section, Jenkins gives us a recap of the world he has built and the characters who inhabit it.  As a quick reminder to everyone, it is now late January, 38 P.3., which is 2048.

Paul, Jae, and Straight have certainly made an impression on the loyal readers ’round these parts, but just in case anyone has forgotten who is who, Jenkins lays it out, in a style reminiscent of middle school social studies textbooks:

When he completed his graduate studies in religion, Dr. Paul Stepola‘s wife, Jae, urged him to pursue work with the National Peace Organization.  Her father, retired army general Ranold B. Decenti, had helped build the NPO from the ashes of the FBI and the CIA.

Like that.

Terribly proud of this part, the entire letter to Chancellor Ball Dangler is reproduced.  Just so we can remember what an evil, threatening dick Paul is.

Then the second half of the last chapter is reproduced in (almost) full.

Just so we can remember what an evil being Paul’s God is.

So, gird your loins, ladies and gentlemen!  Once more unto the breach of the USSA and Paul Apostle!



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  1. Given his habit of forgetting about his own world-building, I’m surprised Jenkins hasn’t reverted to the Gregorian calendar.

  2. What fascinating world-building will we get this time? Maybe it will advance as far as a One World Government (Except For Israel).

    (Sets built-in flamethrower to “extra crispy”)

  3. DOCTOR Paul Stepola?! But but but that simply can’t be!

    I mean, none of the other characters know to address him as “Dr” when everyone in Left Behind was scrupulously careful to always refer to Ray as “Captain.” Surely “Doctor” rates more respect and titling than an airplane captain!

    • No-one rates more respect and titling than Tim LaHaye’s expy! Besides, it’s not as though doctors do anything for their titles. They just want to dress up in top hats and wield swords.

    • Ah, but “Dr.” refers to fancy book-larnin. Not something to brag about for a good RTC.

      And he even studied a subversive secular course. How else can you explain that Paul studied religions, including Christianity, yet his teachers let him graduate before learning the most important thing: That RTCism is obviously true, and all those other religions are preversions created by Satan. That’s not something Paul would want to brag about. Especially when he’s so awesome that he barely has time to brag about everything else.

  4. Just got all caught up. Excellent timing.

    Also, wait, wait, wait. Hold up. It’s seriously written like that? With the bolding and everything? Who does that?

  5. But after the oppressive world government, led by Baldwin Dengler, refused to lift the ban on the practice of religion, God sent a divine plague to kill the firstborn son of every non-believing household, resulting in the deaths of approximately 60% of the male population under the age of 65, and conclusively proving the truth and goodness of Christianity.

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