Next Movie?

Well.  We are barely a third of the way through Shadowed, and already it is more horrific than I imagined.  And if memory serves, it only gets crazier from here.

So for a change of pace, I got a Christian movie from the library.  One set, unlike every other piece of entertainment ever critiqued here, exclusively in Bible-Type Times.

Apostle Peter and the Last Supper.

And an odd thing happened.

I kinda…enjoyed it.

No joke.  I liked this movie.  As in, would rate it above a five out of ten.  It’s not a great movie, it’s far from perfect, and it suffers from so many of the same problems as so much of our other fare.  And yet, I liked it.

It’s another movie from the folks over at Pure Flix, who also brought us the joy and delight of Christmas with a Capital C.

This is a rather different animal, though…

What do you think of a critique of this being our intermission at the halfway point of Shadowed?

Let me know what you think.  Because I’d like some second opinions!

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  1. Holy crap – Robert Loggia? I AM IN. Having his Lost Highway character in the back of my head while watching him as John the Baptist (? guess) was a hoot in the trailer. And if the only anachronism is having Romans, before Jesus’ death, referring to his followers as “these Christians”, I can see why you’re saying it rates above 5 stars.

  2. I vote yay! It’s always exciting to read a critique of something that’s actually good.

  3. Headless Unicorn Guy

    Not having to do with movies, but I’d like to put in a recommendation for a book:

    666 by Salem Kirban — “The Eye of Argon” of Christian Apocalyptic. Literally THE worst Book of Revelation fanfic ever published. Used to be required reading during the heyday of Hal Lindsay in the Seventies.

    • Man, I remember that. The narrative changed back and forth between first and third person a few times near the end of the book. Not like a plot device, such as going back and forth between first person narrative and newspaper articles, but actually the text being written in third person, and most of the book revised to first person, but forgetting the last two chapters.

  4. I can’t say this trailer affected me in any way, positive or negative, but if you enjoyed it, I’d say go for it. Talking about things you like is helpful when dealing with usual monstrosities gets you down.

  5. Looks decent enough – the trailer gives me hope this movie will focus on the love/sacrifice aspect of Christianity and feature little to no triumphalist smiting of unbelievers. If that is indeed the case, I’m in.

  6. Well, I’ve seen more realistic exterior shots in minecraft than in this trailer. And Jesus looks a bit odd, but is still too white. Still, quite clever of the people behind this movie that they found a way to have the conversion-fodder do the “Jesus, who’s that?”-routine without it seeming so silly. By making him a Roman who lived a few decades after Jesus, they can make him as dumbstruck and amazed by the fantastic tales of this Jesus-fellow as they want.

    And hey, I’m curious what a Christian movie that isn’t total shit looks like, so give it a go. I can only spend so long reading about Paul Stepola before I start wishing he were real so I could kick him in the nuts.

  7. Eh, why not? May as well review something you actually enjoyed for once. And by “enjoyed” meaning something you didn’t have to laugh at because the alternative was crying.

  8. Given the stuff you’ve had to endure snarking Paul Stepola, aka the fictional character for whom all my strongest profanities seem too weak, you’ve pretty much won a free pass from me. Go nuts!

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