Shadowed: Chapter 25: Devastated

Paul’s news [that there will be a raid in ten days] devastated the elders.

WHY?  The raid is TEN DAYS away and they have two people on the inside (Felicia and Bia).  Hell, anything can be accomplished in ten days when you know what’s coming.  What a bunch of idiots.

Hilariously (or insultingly, however you want to take it), Greenie refers to the February 8th raid as “D-day.”  I’m going with insulting, myself, since I just can’t get over that kind of self-absorbtion after your god annihiliated millions of unbelievers for the crime of not believing.

And Paul explains the reason for the long wait: Ranold’s trip to Bern.  Why the trip should take ten days (when, by Jenkins’ own admission, travel times by land and by air have been halved in Atheistopia) and why Ranold cannot direct the raid from Bern, are never explained.


Felicia and Harriet Johns have a little conversation, notable because it is yet another instance of that device that Jenkins thinks is so terribly clever: RTC character lies to the face of a nonbeliever by saying very obvious “double-meaning” things:

Harriet Johns had called [Felicia] in first thing.  “Seen this yet?” Harriet said, waving a printout before Felicia had even sat.
“What is it?”
“Zealot underground propaganda.  If you’re thinking about getting saved, here’s how.”
Felicia looked at it and shook her head.  “It’s nothing I need,” she said.

Har har.


And finally, Our Ranold starts vague planning meetings with trusted NPO higher-ups, including Bia.  No need for a rush on this operation after all…give it a week or two, I’m sure it’ll be great.  He sees that Bia is not herself, though he chalks that up (not entirely incorrectly) to grief about her son.


Man, not that we should be blaming Ranold, really—it’s Jenkins who is moving things along at a snail’s pace—Paul and Greenie and Jack chat some more about their vague plans to get the thousand or so people out of the Columbia underground.  Fortunately, they have Arthur Demetrius’s money to help them, so there’s really no reason to worry.

Oh, and Pudgy Jack isn’t the only one with a stupid and nasty plan.  Greenie himself was fantasizing about a scheme to “plug the Potomac, create our own little drought.”

SERIOUSLY???  No wonder these people need a god to do their work for them.

Also, cruel much?

Man, this middle section is dragging.  I’m going to try to pick up the pace myself, see if we can find a bit of interest or action.


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  1. Well, D-day was an assault by an international alliance of basically good guys who, despite some collateral damage, were fighting the good fight against a genocidal regime led by psychopaths. So I’d say it fits rather well.

    Case in point; The zealots continued inability to think of any counter offenses that don’t include mass murder of civilians. Oh gee, you only have 10 days until an army attacks you? Man, if only you had the proven ability to arrange blatant miracles with just 24 hours of prep time. Something like, I dunno, a field around your base that makes any weapons brought near it instantly crumble to rust. Hey, wait a minute, I got an idea. You could dry up a river! The ecological and economical devastation will sure show that army what for. Fucking idiots.

    • The sad thing is that in a much (much, MUCH) better book, the zealots’ bloodthirst could have worked quite well as a dark and tragic bit of psychology: people who have been living in fear for their lives for years or decades are sudddenly given unlimited power to avenge themselves on their persecutors, and not all of them can handle it responsibly.

      • Yup, it could’ve been a Christian version of Animal Farm. Instead, it’s a Christian version of The Eternal Jew.

    • It is interesting that they decided to use the d-day metaphor, not realizing they’re literally casting themselves as the nazies.
      (finally gave in and posting via facebook instead of as a guest. I’m themunck, though I doubt anyone cares)

  2. Before the 1940s, “D-Day” and “H-Hour” were quite common military terms for “the date/time when the operation starts”. Tim LaHaye might have an excuse for using them that way. Jerry Jenkins doesn’t.

    Things the Zealots could set up, but don’t think of, number 493: heal every sick person in the world to perfect health, simultaneously. Leave a note in the pocket of each, saying “God did this for you”.

  3. That Other Jean

    Firedrake, healing every sick person on earth simultaneously would require, you know, loving your enemies. Who would do a stupid thing like that? Certainly no one in a book written by Jerry Jenkins.

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