Shadowed: Chapter 26: Mass Exodus Planning

Yanno, it really does shock me that the Columbia underground, located in the same city as the NPO headquarters itself, doesn’t have a better escape plan.  And they’ve been given a free WEEK AND A HALF to execute!

Pudgy Jack has Greenie coordinate the “mass exodus,” even thought they still have absolutely no idea where they’re going.

WHY NOT???  They have literally had decades to work all this out.  There should be contingency plans for the contingency plans.  There should be regular drills, a chain of command, different people assigned to different things.  Seriously, what is going on with these people?

By their own admission, they are less prepared for a raid by the Eeeevil Atheistopians than I am, right now, sitting here in my little apartment drinking my tea, for the zombie apocalypse.

But never mind!  Something far more important is about to happen: Paul is going to speak with Bia Balaam!

After days of putting her off and deliberately ignoring her attempts to contact him, Paul calls Bia himself.

He was disappointed when her machine picked up.  He hoped if she was there she would recognize his voice.

…and not just dickishly refuse to answer the call out of spite, like he has for the past two days.

Paul natters at Bia a bit, and she reveals information that should really frighten Paul more than it does: that the NPO has known for quite some time the exact location and population of the Columbia underground, thanks to poor ole Roscoe Wipers.

Notably missing from the conversation is any sympathy on Paul’s part regarding the death of Bia’s beloved son.  Nope, Paul is much more interested in whining to Bia about how he has “endured [Ranold] for years.”  Wow, poor guy.

The only mention Paul makes of Taj is to ask Bia if it is “the loss of your son that’s caused this flip?”  Wow, sensitive, Paul.  (Also, I love how Paul and Bia and Jenkins have all forgotten about Bia’s surviving daughter, a college professor.)

I’m not sure what answer Paul’s looking for, here.  Would it be a bad thing, in his eyes, if Taj’s death caused her to acknowledge the existence of God?  I mean, wasn’t that one of the points of God’s horrific massacre?

But Bia says it is “that and a lot of other stuff.”  Again, so sensitive.  And the call ends on Bia saying she may call Paul for “clarification” on how to Make the Transaction and become a Christian.  And here I thought it was supposed to so simple a child could do it.

“You know where to reach me.” [said Paul]

Yeah, if I deign to answer the call that is.


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  1. I suppose it makes sense. The Future RTCs have their ontological WMD: why should they bother with tradecraft? Whatever they do, it’ll come out the way Cthulhu wants, so why even try?

    There’s less excuse for the Atheistapo’s incompetence.

    • inquisitiveraven

      Well, how forgivable this is depends, I suppose, on how long they’ve known about the mole. If they just found about him, then they have to worry about how many of their contingency plans have been compromised which would explain why they don’t know where they’re going. The rest though, is just plain incompetence.

      • And how did the mole ever manage to infiltrate the believers? Roscoe’s child died in the plague, so clearly God knew that his faith wasn’t genuine. Yet God never bothered to mention this to any of his chosen people, even when Roscoe was being chosen to be one of the elders. Wouldn’t the believers pray for God’s guidance when choosing their leaders? Divine intervention on the scale of global mass murder is fine, but revealing a spy would… I don’t know, violate free will, I guess?

        • It’s one of the many stupid things in these books. Prayer is super-effective, and every Christian knows it… and yet none of them ever considered doing it for the past decades of atheisopian rule.

          I like to think that god pulling off blatant miracles in front of Paul and keeping was a sign that god was getting tired of his follower’s stupidity too, and hoping to drop some hints to his power. And when even that failed, god gave up on the whole free-will thing and just beamed his instructions straight into Paul’s head.

          “And a plan came to him–a plan so clear and complete that he believed it was from God Himself.

  2. “Her machine picked up.”

    I can’t figure out if Jenkins has once again forgotten about skull phones or if he’s thinking Atheistopians have answering machines that use mp3s instead of cassettes. Or whatever kids are into these days.

    • This is one of those posts where I’ve given up trying to figure it out. I mean, I assume it’s her office phone at the NPO, but Paul would be incredibly stupid to call an in-house phone at the NPO, but Paul IS pretty stupid, so…

      Yeah, I think Jenkins just forgot about skullphones again.

    • Don’t know about anyone else, but the more intimate my connection with my phone, the more important I’d find it to be able to refuse calls.

      (Or, as I think I’ve commented before, have an answering machine for when I’m out of my head.)

    • inquisitiveraven

      Answering machines have had, maybe not mp3s, but solid state recording media in the place of cassettes since at least the ’90s. However, the thing that’s confusing me is this: Has Jenkins never heard of voicemail? According to Wikipedia, the term was coined (and trademarked) in the ’70s, and actual voicemail services were ubiquitous by the year 2000, or three years before Soon was published.

      • Yet another case of a bad book reminding me of an excellent movie–Sneakers, which came out in 1992:

        “I leave message here on service but you do not call…”

        “He’s got a service–what does he need an answering machine for???”

      • The mp3 vs cassettes comment was me trying to get into Jenkins’s head. I think I failed . . . but I’m pretty ok with that.

  3. And by “endured” Paul means “trying to please by killing as many zealots as I could, but it was okay cause I didn’t think I was persecuting Christ or something”.

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