Shadowed: Chapter 29, Part 1: Catching Up with the Converts

This chapter is a long one, following not only Ranold’s master plan (anybody guess what he’s up to?), and following recent NPO converts Bia and Felicia.  So we’ll deal with the ladies first…

Jenkins actually remembers this time the skull phones that he invented, and Bia calls Paul in the middle of the night, waking him via “tone in his tooth.”  Bia has vague updates about Ranold (nothing Paul really needed to know, just that Ranold’s getting paranoid), but the real issue is that in reading “this document of yours, the salvation thing,” Bia thinks is it “too easy.”  Paul makes her reread the passage about being saved by grace through faith alone, and no need to do good deeds, etc.

Not for nothing, but Paul is an excellent example of a Christian who’s never done a single good deed in his entire life.  Hell, Bia’s problem is that she wants to do some good deeds and “earn” her way, but Paul talks her out of it, since no amount of good deeds will make up for all the bad things she’s done.

Makes sense.  Paul was a jerk when he was an atheist, and he’s a jerk now that he’s a Christian.  For Bia, still out in the world as she is, she might make people suspicious if her behaviour suddenly changed.

(Not for nothing, but Paul was a rotten parent both before and after he got saved.  The last book made a big deal about how devoted a parent Bia was to her two grown children.  But now, since her son’s death, she hasn’t mentioned her daughter even once.  I figure this is more a function of Jenkins forgetting she existed, rather than Bia neglecting her.)


Meanwhile, Felicia and Cletus also can’t sleep.  Cletus is still pissed (and who can blame him?).  Felicia is mad at God, too, but only “part of [her].”  She’s mostly angry at herself for being “so blind and stupid all these years.”  Yeah, for not believing in a god that is invisible and silent and in whom it is illegal to believe.

What fools atheists are, amirite?


Wait a second.

Okay, I turned the page, and that is IT.  Nine lines of Felicia and Cletus talking about their comparative anger at God, and it just cuts off at the page-turn.  Last line, from Cletus:

“Part of you [is angry at God].  All of me is.”


Well, I guess that makes it that much easier for me to get to Ranold’s big plan this weekend!


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  1. And I’m pretty sure this is literally as deep as Jenkins’s “understanding” of atheism gets. There are those genuinely ignorant of Jesus who must still chastise themselves for that ignorance once it’s “cured,” and those who know of God but only refuse to follow out of hatred. Felicia and Cletus present the complete spectrum of atheism in his worldview.

  2. Did Jenkins go to Hollywood Scriptwriters School or something? That last line… it’s on a par with “if you’re going to live in my house, you’ve got to play by my rules”.

    There could be an interesting family story about the daughter being neglected after the son’s death. But obviously that’s not the story we’re going to be told here.

    • Imagine how much bigger the soul harvest could’ve been if god had showed himself in a peaceful, loving global miracle that didn’t leave the atheists furious, and the devil laughing his ass off at all the freebees that got dumped into his fiery lap.

      • Well, you have to remember that the main activity in heaven is “praising god for all eternity”. Now that’s going to get pretty boring after the first few thousand years. So it’s best to make sure that the people who end up in heaven are the ones who can praise god even under severe stress. The kinds of people who might praise god if the conditions are right, well, they’re better off in hell. They couldn’t handle heaven anyway.

  3. inquisitiveraven

    Y’know, I’m liking the idea that Cletus is Carnage, more and more. He’s in this story because of some sort of dimensional travel mishap, and he’s been kept on the straight and narrow by the love of a good woman. Now, with his son murdered by the Christians and their god on a leash and his wife turning into a pod person, he’s going to let his symbiote out to play, and it’s going to be messy. Hey, it’s not like going up against gods isn’t something Marvel characters do.

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