Shadowed: Chapter 31, Part 2: Tried Everything

So in a couple of super-short sections, interspersed with the Zealoteers debating about what is to be done with Bia, she who is “pretty much solely responsible [along with Ranold] for bringing the drought upon Los Angeles,” we discover the ultimate fate of Cletus.

I won’t keep you in suspense.  It’s Hell for that dude.

Felicia gets a call from the middle school where Cletus works, because he hasn’t shown up.  It’s been a mere thirteen days since The Incident, so I am still a bit surprised that places like schools are open, but whatever.

Felicia rushes home, despite Harriet Johns’ warning that leaving work early like that “will have to go on your record.”  Shadowed sure is going out of its way to make Harriet a bitch, despite her relatively sympathetic treatment in Soon.  Although, I wonder…in Soon, one of Harriet’s big problems was with the way Bia treated her.  And now that Bia is on the road to being RTC, perhaps Jenkins has decided that he needs Harriet to be a bitch.  Because the idea of two high-powered career women with whom the audience can sympathize is just ridiculous.

When Felicia gets home, she finds “two squad cars, an ambulance, what looked like an unmarked police car,” and damn, that seems like a lot of manpower for a suicide that, again, has occurred only thirteen days after The Incident.  Weren’t we told not too long ago that people couldn’t even be buried for weeks, possibly months, because of the lack of manpower following the deaths of millions where they stood?

Cletus killed himself via the lock-himself-in-the-garage-and-turn-on-the-car method.  Okay, please forgive me, but I’m going to be insensitive for a moment here: is that even possible to do with cars that are powered with solar, electric, and/or hydrogen power?  I honestly don’t know—what I know about mechanics could fit comfortably in…well, maybe not the head of a pin, but certainly a small box.

I’ll try to be sensitive, too, and wonder about something that I don’t think Jenkins did: would such a suicide really be so uncommon at this moment in history?  We’re talking about the two weeks following the catastrophe of millions of men and boys and little babies just dying, all at once, all at the same moment.  It would certainly be possible for a woman to lose father, husband, brother, and son, all in the same instant.  I can only sadly imagine that there would be quite a few suicides going on.

Felicia immediately asks if there was a suicide note, which strikes me as a bit odd—is she really confused over why Cletus was despondent?  Does she not intuit that the death of their only child, followed by her own conversion to the worship of the being that murdered that child, might leave Cletus just a bit upset?  Really?

Guess not.  She reads the note, in which Cletus says he is “sorry,” but “tried everything, even praying.”

And the fact that he still killed himself, after the praying, obviously means he is being roasted in Hell.


But I’m sure Felicia, like Paul and Jae and Bia and Straight and all the other RTCs, will end up being perfectly fine living with the knowledge that the people she loved most are doomed to never-ending torment.

After all, she’s got hers.


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  1. Like all RTCs in this world, Felicia has had the cognitive rewrite, and literally can no longer understand the concept of not loving God. She had a choice, she made it, and she will never have the opportunity to think about it again.

    As for the technical angle, the output from hydrogen combustion is water (vapour). I suppose you could suffocate yourself by flooding a room (sealed at the top) with hydrogen so that all the oxygen was displaced, but you’d have to be quite lucky not to set off a hydrogen/oxygen explosion in the process; and it’s not toxic like carbon monoxide, it just displaces oxygen. Electrics have no exhaust, though I suppose you could crack open a lot of batteries and burn yourself in the acid if they’re using the same tech as today.

    “He’s got away from us, Jack.”
    “‘Fraid you’re right, Mr. Helpmann. He’s gone.”

    • She had a choice, she made it, and she will never have the opportunity to think about it again.

      Funny how that’s how most PMD works portray taking the Mark of the Beast exactly like that, huh?

  2. Felicia prayed when she was upset about her child’s death, and got a direct reply from god which allegedly was very convincing.

    Cletus prayed when he was upset about his child’s death and got jack-shit.

    Glad we got that sorted out.

    Not that I don’t appreciate getting at least one character who isn’t a mustache-twirler yet isn’t trying to suck up to his child’s murderer, but what is the moral lesson Jenkins is trying to teach here? Cletus wasn’t made out to be a villain, so it doesn’t seem like his usual “Nyeh nyeh, nyeh-nyeh nyeh”-motive of giving unbelievers what for. So is it “Even if a beloved member of your family dies in freak accident while still unsaved, that isn’t an excuse to stop praising the god who let that happen and is having him/her tortured right now”?

    Because that would be rather hypocritical, given the anger some RTCs show open atheists for challenging, by visibly existing, the assurance RTCs have of seeming loved ones again in the afterlife. But if that loved one wasn’t an RTC, then suddenly it’s fine to let that loved one stay in eternal torment, and all you need to worry about is staying far, far away from him/her by praising the jailer.

    • Not that I don’t appreciate getting at least one character who isn’t a mustache-twirler yet isn’t trying to suck up to his child’s murderer, but what is the moral lesson Jenkins is trying to teach here?

      Jenkins has no imagination. If Cletus said things that seemed to make sense, it’s because people in Jenkins’ real life said them to him. This demonstrates the only response Jenkins has to any form of moral reasoning: STOP IT OR BE PUNISHED. I’d say “at least he recognizes he doesn’t have an actual counterargument,” except I’m pretty sure he thinks “people get tortured for eternity for thinking that!” is a counterargument.

  3. leaving work early like that “will have to go on your record.

    Because the NPO is run like a Burger King.

  4. It is possible, however tentative, that Cletus said The Prayer and was like, “Given that there’s likely more horrible shit coming down the tubes, why not just kill myself and get my one-way pass to Heaven?” Because that’s a question I keep running into in the LB-verse: the RTCs have, unlike what any of their readers get, absolute proof that all this shit is true. So why aren’t they actively seeking martyrdom every chance they can get and why do they look down on those who get abortions? Because it’s been established that aborted babies will go straight to Heaven. There’s no chance that they’ll grow up, become all willful, and fall away from the one true faith. They should be aborting babies right and left.

    • Because Jenkins’ God tells them not to.

      That’s it, really. The fact that a little thought indicates that this means Jenkins’ God demands people suffer for no reason at all just means nothing is more dangerous in this world than thinking; Cletus just demonstrated what happens if you think about God rather than responding to every arbitrary, brutal, and contradictory command from him with “Sir yes sir!”

    • I wholeheartedly agree with both points. I too would make it my first order of business to publicly denounce whichever leader suddenly became massively popular after the rapture, thus spreading the word of god and ensuring a fast-track to heaven, where I can ride out the 7 years of tribulation in comfort. Makes it hard to give a crap about any protagonists in PMD movies too, BTW.

      And I also agree that any Christian who didn’t think “Heaven is for real” was total bullshit has no business picketting Planned Parenthood anymore. Abortion means a guaranteed and immediate ticket to heaven for the baby.

      Even if it is a terrible sin to get an abortion, that would only be a reason to urge saved women not to get one. Here’s where we can throw the RTCs “Everyone’s a sinner, and all sins are punished equally” worldview back in their face. An unsaved woman who has an abortion might go to hell for murdering a precious child… but she’ll still go to hell if she doesn’t, for swearing once and looking a bit too long at the checkout clerk’s ass that one time. No matter how loving a mother she becomes, she’s a filthy wretch in god’s perfect eyes.

      Not to mention that the child is significantly less likely to get saved if he grows up in a heathen family. So it’s growing up in the horrible sinful earth with horrible sinful parents and then going to hell, or going straight to heaven. The decision seems obvious. And even if the mother would later get saved and “realize” that she murdered a beautiful baby… Jesus will forgive that sin. He forgives any sins, if asked properly, and he doesn’t care about the seriousness of the sin any more than god does come judgement day.

      The RTC worldview, once accepted, inevitably leads to the logical conclusion that abortions are a bliss and unsaved women should have every opportunity to get one. That is, if the RTC worldview didn’t discourage reasoning towards logical conclusions, in favor of blind obedience to the pastor’s whims.

  5. inquisitiveraven

    Nah, Cletus isn’t dead. He’s just having his symbiote mask his vital signs, and supply him with oxygen so he doesn’t have to breathe. If they’re not going to be able to bury him for weeks, that gives him plenty of time to sneak out of the morgue and go hunting RTCs. Too bad Jenkins isn’t going mention anything about that slaughter.

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