Shadowed: Chapter 37, Part 2: Felicia’s Fish

So, yeah, I’ve not been the best with getting out posts lately.  However, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the upcoming Wintermas season, and have decided…

That instead of my usual Wintermas romance novel, I will review not one, not two, but THREE Wintermas movies.

Well, okay.  Two Wintermas movies and one episode of a TV show.

I feel very good about this plan.

But it does entail finishing Shadowed before Black Friday, so here we go!

After her meeting with Straight at the closed-in-real-life-but-open-in-Atheistopia restaurant, Felicia has a plan, a way to get “back into the game”–she’s going to GO BACK TO WORK!!!

I know. Shocking.

Strange. In her in-box, along with the normal buildup of busywork, were more than a dozen sealed plain white envelopes. Each contained a folded sheet depicting a simple ichthyic symbol, a sketch of a fish made by two intersecting curved lines. Could there be that many secret believers here?

I’m less surprised by that than I am by the fact that the in-boxes of NPO staff contain paper, not emails. Aren’t we in a FUTURE where there are hardly any books?

This just seems like an unbelievably risky way for the zealots to communicate with each other. With paper that anyone could see them drawing on or sticking in a mailbox. With their fingerprints on it. I mean, holy crap, seriously.

Heck, poor Felicia didn’t even know what was in these envelopes. Which means she could have potentially opened them in front of anybody. And can you imagine (because Jenkins, apparently, can’t) the atmosphere of heightened suspicion that must exist since the genocide?

And here’s the kicker–these fish papers aren’t any kind of special code, key to the survival of the resistance. They’re just “notes of encouragement.” That’s it. In fact, Hector has to get Felicia to his cubicle on pretense so that he can inform her verbally of the dinner meeting the believers are having that night.

Because there are no less than THIRTY secret believers in Felicia’s office. Which was also Paul’s office. Yep, Paul was just the greatest agent alive, wasn’t he? Dickweed.


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  1. That Other Jean

    Wow. One camera hidden in the office ceiling fixtures can catch more than a dozen traitors tippy-toeing to Felicia’s inbox with their envelopes of “encouragement,” aka “evidence.” And they’re all going to meet for dinner, making it super simple to round them all up. The Worst Conspiracy EVER.

  2. Why was Straight so happy to finally have turned someone in the NPO again? Clearly these dozens of believers are in contact with Straight or they wouldn’t have known about Felicia.

  3. These secret believers don’t seem very secret at all. I think the believers have already taken over the NPO, but they just don’t tell Paul because, well, nobody likes Paul.

    “Thank God I managed to get in touch with you, Paul! I can’t talk very long, they might trace this call at any moment. …Oh yes, the persecution out here is very bad. I think it’s best if you stay in the salt mines for… a few more years at least. Sorry, I need to go now, I have a dinner mee… um, I’m being persecuted. Bye!”

  4. FFS. I doubt there is that big a ratio of fundies in a given government office now.

  5. Who wants to be the one to tell them that the Jesus fish may also have been a symbolic representation of…I’ll give you a hint: it’s that sinful part between women’s legs that babies come out of.

  6. How have all these secret believers not been caught yet? They’re terrible at keeping the fact that they’re believers a secret. Maybe the average Atheistopia citizen doesn’t know about the Jesus fish symbol anymore, but you’d think the people in the NPO would be aware of things like that, since it’s their job to catch secret believers.

  7. Fortunately for them, the Worst Conspirators Ever are up against the Worst Secret Police Ever. I want to buy them all a copy of One Night Revolution but it would probably make their brains explode.

    (And of course nobody could possibly send a note saying “sorry for your loss” without plastering it with Christian™ symbols. Because everyone knows non-Christians don’t really love their spouses and children.)

  8. inquisitiveraven

    OT, but Ruby, did you get the link I sent you? You can respond in email if you prefer.

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