Shadowed: Chapter 38: Bia’s Sorta Lies

Bia finally has her audience with Ranold.  Sitting outside his office, she naturally ruminates on how he wasn’t the man he once was, what with being OLD and all.  (Seriously, in Atheistopia, early 60s must be the new early 40s, no?  Whatever.)  But she concludes that he is still smart and tenacious (yeah!) so it’s risky for her to be there.

Though, why?  Although asshat Paul made a big deal about how she’d have to behave in the usual Jenkinsian way and lie-without-lying, this shouldn’t be nearly so undoable as it was with Felicia—Bia is telling the truth as she knows it.

Notwithstanding that Jenkins devotes the whole chapter solely for this interaction, it really doesn’t end up being much of a big deal—Bia says that she thought Wipers was dead, but now isn’t so sure.  Which is the truth.  The only thing she sorta waffles on is why she thinks this.  She actually thinks this because she now knows that Christians are the good guys who would never kill anyone.  (Except not.)  But she says she has doubts now because Ranold has doubts.

This pointless quest now over, Ranold is awesome again, and has actually concluded that Bia is in communication with Paul.  Does Jenkins even get how good Ranold is at his job, to have sussed this out?

Anyway, they go back and forth, and Ranold is understandably pissed that Bia didn’t, yanno, tell him that she’s been in regular contact with the enemy.  Ranold is ticked at Bia for withholding that information from him, but he also acts a bit like a jilted boyfriend, inasmuch as Paul has returned Bia’ calls, but not his:

“How many times am I supposed to leave messages on his system?  After a whole, a man gets the point.”

Would that be his skullphone “system, Jenkins?

So the chapter ends on the ominous(?) note of Ranold asking Bia to use his phone to try to call Paul.

Landline to skullphone then, Jenkins, is it?  Why the hell did he even create these damn things when he forgets them every other chapter???


Man, this book.  I can’t wait for Wintermas!


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  1. You have to admit that RTCs like Jenkins are kind of screwed when it comes to this sort of thing. They’ve steadfastly chosen to embrace Absolute Morality and look down on those Liberal Moral Relativists, who take into account circumstances, despite the fact that Absolute Morality (the kind that says “X is always wrong or always right”) only works under incredibly strictly-controlled conditions. But if they admit that those Moral Relativists have a point, that sometimes in life it’s a choice of which option is the least bad rather than right and wrong…hell would break loose. They’ve never had a good response when people bring up examples like Oskar Schindler or others from WWII, who :gasp: told lies and did many other subversive, illegal acts in order to protect the Jews they were hiding. For bonus head explosions, remind them that the majority of Nazis identified as Christian and sit back and watch the fireworks.

    I know Ranold will probably have a bridge dropped on him at some point. Given Jenkins’s attitude towards anyone who dare disrespects his Canon Sue, Ranold’s death will probably be done in a way that can only be described as incredibly mean-spirited and humiliating. Like he drowns in a vat of shit, while farting to death, and while this is happening, the narrative makes remarks about his small penis. Because of course, he’d have a smaller penis than Canon Sue. Knowing Jenkins, he’d also want to factor in some dig about Ranold’s weight, because he comes from the Conservapedia school of debate, where if you want to win any argument, all you have to do is point and say, “You’re fat,” and run away. Because fat or ugly or fat and ugly people never have anything wise or insightful to say.

    But can’t help but see Ranold as heroic because in movies, heroes generally are the people who oppose “The ends justifies the means” and value human life above all else. I’d bring up Avengers 2 and how it awesomely demonstrated that principle, but I gush enough about that movie on my own blog, so much so that I worry that my readers are getting tired of me being the gushing fangirl about the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    On a semi-related note: read my blog.

  2. After all the build-up to this loophole-lying, this is a letdown. What’s wrong Jenkins? You usually love to construct setups loophole-lying through the use of bible verses (JL, you remember the father with the big mansion, right?) and then have a long laugh about the stupid heathens who didn’t get that verse and how much smarter the Christians are for thinking it up. You already half-ass, or even one-eighth-ass, every aspect of writing that normal writers care for, but now you don’t even put effort in your own weird pet projects.

  3. Ranold is upset because Paul is screening his calls? Then raid the hideout already! You’ve been planning for weeks. Why does he care about calling someone he plans to arrest anyway?

    Yeah, Christians are so persecuted. I mean, government officials are leaving messages in their answering machines! How much more persecuted can you get?!?

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