Shadowed: Chapter 40, Part 1: The Triumphant Return of Dr. Nazi

On the evening of Bia’s untimely murder, Harriet Johns stops by Felicia’s desk and they chat office politics for about ten seconds.  Long enough for Harriet to tell Felicia that her (Harriet’s) deputy will be replacing Paul.  Felicia thinks about how she didn’t expect Paul’s replacement to be a woman.

Look, Jenkins, make up your mind.  Either Atheistopia is some kind of unnatural world where women actually have careers and nobody gives it a second thought…or it’s not.  But it can’t be both at the same time.

Anyway, Felicia doesn’t have much time to examine her own sexism, because the special dinner meeting of believers is tonight!  In Joliet!  So, yeah, all these people from the same company drive from downtown Chicago to Joliet for dinner.  They even have a stupid and elaborate backstory to tell people, about how they’re all in a bowling league.  And Hector even admits that their restaurant of choice is “hardly a secure environment,” but they’re going anyway, mere days after the worldwide massacre.  Trudy even has the audacity to make “fish jokes” when so many millions are dead that they can’t even be buried yet.

They are truly loving believers.  And so smart!

Speaking of loving believers, the first wave of zealots has left the underground.  While the kids pack their own suitcases…

…Paul and Jae talk, again for about ten seconds, about what would happen if Paul was sent to prison for, yanno, being a big, fat traitor.

Jae didn’t seem to want to discuss the ramifications if Paul was sentenced.  She made her case about how much she needed him and his maturity in the faith—limited as it was, he was light-years ahead of her—and she said she would be lost without him.

“And what of Brie and Connor?” she said.  “How long are they expected to go without a dad?”

Well, they’ve made it for their entire lives so far…

That said, Jae has an interesting order of priority: (1) she needs Paul’s maturity in the faith, (2) she needs him as either her husband or her “head of the family” (knowing Jenkins, probably the latter, and (3) she needs him as a father figure to the children.

Just saying, interesting order there, Jae.


Hey, remember that absolutely horrible doctor from awhile back?  The one who “slows down” all his atheist patients?

Well, he’s back.

There was a crash involving a “USSA Television Network” van…

…and a cameraman named Stephenson “Scooter” Davis is the only survivor.

Dr. Gregory “Nazi” Graybill calls Straight to tell him all about it.  For little other reason than to remind us that both these characters are still in the story.

Straight draws the natural conclusion:

“So, you’re going to slow him down a little, keep him sedated here so he can’t be helping broadcast propaganda over the state network?”

Okay, there are other things wrong with this whole scenario other than just Dr. Nazi and his monstrous practice of slow-playing the treatment of anyone not RTC.  First of all, this goes back to what we were talking about when Dr. Nazi came on the scene—there are only so many times you can “slow down” a patient before people start to get the idea that maaaaaaaybe you’re not such a good doctor.  Second, why is a random cameraman the only person who could “broadcast propaganda”?  Do Dr. Nazi and Straight really think that the sick leave of Scooter, or even, in fact, the death of three or four other staff members in that van, will slow TV production for a moment?  They’ll have an on-air moment of silence for the departed, and then continue the shows.  (It really sometimes seems that Jenkins has never spent one week in the real world.)  Finally, and speaking of propaganda, is that really much of a problem for the believers?  Because Jenkins told us not too long ago that Atheistopia isn’t being shy about airing a pretty robust debate on the whole God issue.  There was no sense there that anyone, on either side, was being silenced by the government or any media outlet.

Not that I want to distract from the fact that Dr. Nazi and Straight are monsters, mind you.

Anyway, it all turns out to be moot, because in his (apparently very) thorough examination of Scooter, Dr. Nazi found an ichthus tattoo.  Between the guy’s toes.

Like I said, it was apparently a very thorough examination.

Only a suicidally stupid person would have a religious symbol tattooed anywhere on his body when he lives on a planet where religion is outlawed.  So Dr. Nazi knows the guy is a legit RTC!

(Then again, didn’t the Bible have some not-so-nice things to say about tattoos?)

And Dr. Nazi tells Straight.  So Straight can visit the guy.  Why Straight needs to visit the guy, and why with such urgency, is something Jenkins doesn’t tell us.  I thought Straight was more interested in converting patients than in ministering to those already on his side.

Though the mere fact that Dr. Nazi tells Straight about the patient, and not the other way around, amuses me because it is exactly the opposite of what Dr. Nazi claimed would happen, and thus completely negates the entire reason Dr. Nazi befriended Straight in the first place!

Oh, Dr. Nazi.  You never fail to amuse.

And nauseate.


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  1. In an attempt to lessen the “has a religious tattoo” stupidity, I will remind you of a factoid I mentioned in a previous thread: that the Jesus fish symbol was originally a representation of that sinful part of a women’s anatomy that men stick their penises in, solely so babies will come out, not because either of them enjoy the carnal act of love in any way. But as amusing as that factoid is, I’m not sure it lessens the stupidity much. Though, he could have gotten a cross tattooed and claimed it was a lower-case T, but I’m not sure how well that would work.

    Though seriously, I am so glad I didn’t even try to snark this series. Because the problem I keep running into in my snarks of the For Kids! version of Left Behind is that it’s so damn repetitive and you can only find so many ways of saying, “You people are monsters.” This series…I’m starting to understand why Ultron wanted to wipe out humanity in Avengers 2. I had theorized that the reason he immediately went to “Wipe ’em all out” was because the first thing he accessed when coming online, were comments on an online news article where race was a tangential factor. Now, I wonder if he stumbled onto a sample from this series. Makes his “Wipe the mothereffers out!” plan seem so much understandable.

    But then again, I’m one of those weirdos who believes that you should be able to distinguish between the heroes and villains, there should be a difference beyond “Who is still alive at the end of the story” and “Who has the higher body count,” so what do I know. But I’ll bow out before I start gushing about the Marvel Cinematic Universe again, because everyone’s probably getting really sick of that.

  2. Given that 40% of men are DEAD, it would be odd if Paul’s replacement was a man! Not sure whether to give points for continuity or not.

    • As much as I’d like to give Jenkins the benefit of the doubt (heh), the implication seems to me to be that since Harriet Johns is a female, of course she’d have a female deputy. Because that’s how the wimmins are, or something.

  3. I just realized, after making my post, that aren’t all religions outlawed in this universe? In other words, I’m wondering whether Dr. Nazi would still go through with his plans if the dude had a star of David or the crescent and star of Islam or the Om symbol of Hinduism. But good thing the patient had a Jesus fish. Because if he didn’t, then Dr. Nazi might have subjected someone to a prolonged period of agony and suffering who didn’t deserve it. Because that’s the answer to What Would Jesus Do?: Inflict horrific suffering on someone who is completely at his mercy, someone he unilaterally decided, without the benefit of a trial or even without telling the accused the charges against him or her, was his enemy.

  4. Headless Unicorn Guy

    CHAPTER 40?

  5. Well, to quote some inspirational words (because YouTube for some reason doesn’t have the clip): It’s a 106 miles to Chicago, we’ve got a full tank of gas. It’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses. Let’s ride.

  6. …Unless I’ve missed my count, with Dengler and Bia converted and then dead, and Cletus dead, Ranold is now the only atheist left in the book. Every new character who shows up is also Christian. Christians can have an open party in another city with a fake-ass excuse (which would fall apart under the first question, that being: “oh, there’s a bowling league in the NPO, I didn’t know that, may I join?”) and nothing bad happens to them. Jenkinsians, YOU’VE WON. I’m not even sure you hadn’t won right from the start. How about, instead of doing more horrible things and plaguing more people, just declaring victory and going home?

    Imagine if our Nazi buddy hadn’t found the tattoo. Davis goes back to his little cell of believers, “One of those horrible atheists was actually deliberately giving me ineffective treatments! He was deliberately slowing my recovery; I would have recovered faster if I never went to the hospital! The perfidy of the atheists is without peer; let’s all pray to turn a third of the seas to blood!” Prayer missiles launched in all directions and the three remaining atheists who aren’t Ranold and have just been keeping their heads down are mulch in the crossfire.

    • I wonder what if the symbol was a Star of David or a Crescent Moon and Star or the Hindu Om symbol? Because as I recall, the premise of this series is that all religions are outlawed not just RTCianity. But thank goodness Dr. Nazi found the Jesus Fish; otherwise he would have inflicted unnecessary pain and suffering on a patient completely at his mercy and that would have been bad if said patient was an RTC.

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