Shadowed: Chapter 43: Oh, teh Irony…

Then there’s a second missile that hits the underground compound.

It’s exactly as effective as the first.

Sure, kids are trapped behind a wall of concrete, but Paul has something more important on his mind: he wants to punch Ranold.

(Isn’t it funny to think that Paul doesn’t have 1/1,000,000th the bitchin’ awesomeness that Zoe does?)

After all, punching Ranold is way more important than getting to his children.  Maybe Paul forgot their names again and that’s why he turned tail and abandoned his wife to dig to the kids.

Instead, Paul does some manly PHONE STUFF, in the best Jenkinsian tradition: he has Straight get Scooter the Cameraman and charter a speedy flight from Chicago to D.C., to meet him at the location where he’s set up to meet Ranold.


And it continues: Straight gets off the phone with Paul, but soon Abraham calls, to try to talk Paul out of “making this personal,” because “vengeance is the Lord’s.”

Wow, for once a RTC is counseling staying one’s hand.  Abraham doesn’t even advise Paul to pray down a plague on Ranold or anything.

Paul’s main argument for punching Ranold?  Well, there is the whole bombing-his-grandchildren (Whoever and What’s-Her-Name), but the really important point is…

“The man is my father-in-law, and he cares for no one but himself.”

Paul, complaining about someone else’s selfishness.



We cut to Ranold, and find out that he hired “the head of a militia group he had once attempted to prosecute” to bomb the underground.  I think this is supposed to be some horrible revelation, but Ranold isn’t the one who masterminded a massacre of millions upon millions of people who were just minding their own business or anything.



Pudgy Jack and Paul stand around and discuss the situation, like the manly leaders they are.  Pudgy Jack, to the surprise of absolutely nobody, is actually just fine and dandy with Paul killing Ranold.  I guess it’ll sate his bloodlust just a tad, though it’s not as cool as drowning every non-RTC left on the planet.

Bizarrely, they both decide that Paul should take Roscoe Wipers with him.

So Paul SPRINTS for Wipers, sparing one brief thought for his kids, from whom he sprinted AWAY not too long ago.

Such a strong Christian head of his household!

And through all this, Jae has been digging through concrete.

With her bare hands.

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  1. Move over Moby Dick, we have a new story that embodies the destructiveness of a lust for vengeance: The man who’s so upset about his children getting trapped by an attack that he leaves them trapped in order to kill them man who’s behind the attack.

    Abraham was just upset that Paul was ruining their system for pretending to be innocent: Ask god for specific lethal miracles, then cry some crocodile tears about the lethal miracles and how it must have been because the victims pushed god’s love to the breaking point.

    “The man is my father-in-law, and he cares for no one but himself.”
    Like you cared about your brother-in-law Paul?

    We cut to Ranold, and find out that he hired “the head of a militia group he had once attempted to prosecute” to bomb the underground.
    Ranold runs the fucking army! Why the fuck is he bothering with militia’s and why isn’t that army there already. Back in LA the army could find and destroy believer hideouts in the time Paul made a skullphonecall.

    And finally, in the interest of finding some silver lining, may I just say that it is at least marginally interesting to see that the different believers actually have different and consistent personalities? Pudgy Jack is always the biggest genocidal prick, Abraham less so, Paul is in between. In Left Behind all believers talk and act exactly the same, except when they need to cram some Jewish or female stereotypes into the mix.

  2. Well, you know, children are women’s work. Giving birth to them, teaching them to pray, digging them out of rubble. The only time the man’s supposed to interact with children is to punish them, or to go hunting/fishing with the sons once they’re old enough.

    …really, the psychological analysis writes itself, doesn’t it?

  3. I keep wondering why did Jenkins even bother to give Paul a wife and two kids given that he never interacts with them or thinks about them and they have little to no impact on the plot. Why not just make Paul a thirty-year-old virgin like he did with Buck?

    • Because Jenkins’ God wants everyone paired up and breeding. (Buck was only unmarried so that he could be paired with Chloe; Rayford was a Rapture widower and even he had to get married again.) Besides, the Manly Men of Jenkins’ target audience are way less likely to go for “identify with this guy who’s an unmarried virgin at the end of the world” than for “identify with this guy who owns a tall, lithe, beautiful woman whom God brainwashes to not see anything to object to in her husband treating her like a distant afterthought.”

      • I could point out that the biblical Paul aka the guy whose conversion story Paul Stepola is supposed to be following, likely never married and several scholars have made a convincing case for him being Gay (because homosexuality didn’t come into being following Roe v. Wade). But then again biblical Paul was ultimately martyred (how? Let’s just say his neck is now enjoying a pleasant breeze) so yeah, you know Jenkins isn’t going to parallel Paul’s story too closely.

    • Because a real manly man who blindly follows an authority figure needs someone to be an authority figure to in turn.

  4. This whole “‘GRR MUST HAVE REVENGE FOR MY FATHER IN LAW KILLING MY KIDS’ while his wife’s digging them out of the rubble” thing reminds me of Wundergeek’s script for the next big AAA blockbuster.

    • That parody you linked to, is barely an exaggeration like at all. Again, I have yet to have kids, but even I know that cliche about having a kid changes everything about you, is true. No matter what freaky shit happens in this series, Paul is first and foremost a father. His kids hold the first place priority in his heart and even if God came down and proclaimed him the new Jesus, he would still be a father above all else. At least, that’s how it would be if Paul wasn’t so sociopathic that I honestly have more admiration for Hitler than Paul. Hitler was a genocidal asshole but he did have some discernible talents/work ethic which is more than I can say about Paul

      • Hitler allegedly knew how to paint!

        Also that parody didn’t seem to be about children?

        • Sorry if I was being too obtuse or something but I was thinking, as I posted, that just in that parody, for all the chest-beating and whatnot, the wife actually matters very little to the story. Again, I keep saying given that Paul Stepola never interacts with his wife or kids or thinks about them and they have little if any bearing on the actual plot, they could be easily cut out of the story and replaced with a lamp for all the bearing they have. Just like the wife in the parody…

  5. So, has anyone . . . come to help Jae, or anything? Or is she digging through concrete with her bare hands all by herself?

    • Some other parents are helping. And Paul sent some vehicle or other along.

      • Other parents? I guess the Christian underground isn’t too great at crisis management, then. I mean, even the modern world in this sort of situation would have sent trained rescue workers to dig them out . . . I realize that these guys don’t have the same resources but this just makes it seem like that they had no plan for this type of thing, which they really should have since 1. they’re being Persecuted for Their Faith and they theoretically could have been attacked at any time and, let’s face it, if they’re living underground a cave-in could happen even without an attack. The Christian leaders should have been training people for this and been holding drills so everyone would know what to do and so help would come as quickly as possible, instead of some parents who were apparently just passing by.

        And, I kind of feel bad saying this but Jae, if Paul sent a vehicle to your location, grab a shovel already. You’ll be able to move more rubble, and more importantly, get to your kids faster. Digging through rubble with your hands when you don’t have to just makes it seem like you want to be viewed as a martyr.

        • inquisitiveraven

          It seems perfectly reasonable to me to assume that Jae grabbed an appropriate tool as soon as one became available, but since Paul’s the POV character, we don’t get to see it because he’s already left.

  6. I think that Jae digging through the rubble to get to her children is meta-Jae breaking through for one last chance to show what a non-sociopath looks like. Good for Jae, for screwing all this biblical crap and mind games in favor of getting those kids outta danger!

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