TEC: Chapter 17: Levi Grins

Instead of going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter like I told him to, Murphy gives Levi Abrams a call following the 50%-successful hit-and-run.

Phillips insists that Levi is “a complicated man,” but I’ve never found him to be so.  Sure, he’s either an ex- or current Mossad agent, but that doesn’t automatically make him interesting.  Mostly, Levi has just always struck me as an asshole.

“How are you, Michael?  I heard about your wrestling match with an SUV,” Abrams said as soon as he got on the line.

Well, that’s sensitive, Levi.  A man died, you know.

“How did you know about that?”

“You’d be surprised what I know, Michael…”

Yeah, I guess so.  I mean, there was absolutely no reason whatsoever for the Mossad in general or Levi in particular to keep tabs on Murphy’s visits to his pseudo-girlfriend or ranting retirees.  This just makes Levi seem like he’s weirdly stalking Murphy.

“…But if I told you, you know I’d have to kill you.”  Abrams’s grin could be heard in his voice.

Hahahahaha—A MAN DIED, LEVI!!!  GEEZ!

Murphy laughed.

Oh.  Then haha, after all.  It’s good that we can joke about a man dying in my arms from his massive internal injuries at the hands (and wheel) of a contract killer.

They keep disgustingly bantering and chuckling back and forth and Murphy doesn’t even mention Dr. Anderson’s death that happened that morning, and I don’t think it’s because he’s so stricken with grief and shock that he can’t talk about it.

Nope.  His goldfish brain has gone to the next shiny object.  Or, rather, the last one—he tells Levi about Meth’s latest clue (what, the Mossad wasn’t keeping tabs on Murphy when he went to Colorado?) and begs a favor:

“I need you to pull some strings and help me get back into Iraq.  I have to go to Babylon, and you have all the connections.”

Again, Murphy doesn’t so much have friends as he does a list of people from whom he calls in favors.  First Isis, now Levi.  I’m sure he’d call in Vern, too, were it not for the fact that Vern has only just been shipped home from Turkey, where he was grievously injured the last time he volunteered his skills.

Also, isn’t Murphy a world-famous archeologist?  That’s what we keep being told.  And he doesn’t have enough connections on his own to go dig where he wants without calling in favors from the Mossad?  (What authority would the Mossad have to get him into Iraq, anyway?)

Abrams is not 100% okay with the idea, mostly because Iraq is dangerous.  Bizarrely, Murphy mentions that the Parchments of Freedom Foundation will probably finance the trip, just like they financed the Ararat expedition.  So I guess the Foundation had no problem with more than half the expedition being murdered, with no evidence of the ark whatsoever to show for the time and trouble and money and heartache.  Sure, finance Murphy’s next scheme!  What could possibly go wrong with a guy with his track record?

But even the promise of financing doesn’t convince Levi, who insists they talk about it face to face.  And despite the fact that they live in the same town, they decide instead to meet and talk in New York City.  Murphy’s planning to meet Isis there, and it’s certainly not for any fun sexy times.  It’s so they can open Anderson’s safe deposit box together.  And Levi is going to New York because…

“Some friends have asked me to attend to certain matters there. … let’s just say they need some information to make effective business decisions.”

Okay, I know we’re supposed to “get” that Levi is talking about Mossad stuff…but he makes his “friends” sound like the Mafia.


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  1. Myeh, the late preacher is treated as the plot devices he is. Like similar characters, they are shown some token politeness until they give the heroes what they need (remember Buck and his feigning interest in Donny “as the price to pay for the man’s expertise”), after which neither Jenkins nor his heroes care about them.

    Okay, I know we’re supposed to “get” that Levi is talking about Mossad stuff…but he makes his “friends” sound like the Mafia.
    My first thought was a thinly veiled reference that he’s working for the InternatJewnal bankers, doing secret spy stuff to further their nefarious schemes of world domination. Like all those Jewish groups converging on New York at the start of Left Behind, who were busy setting the stage for the Antichrist.
    Admittedly, the role of secret masters of the world would appear to already be taken by the Seven. But maybe they’re in league! Wouldn’t be any sillier than Left Behind.

  2. Again, Murphy doesn’t so much have friends as he does a list of people from whom he calls in favors.

    Eh, this one I’m willing to give them a (grudging) pass on. I’ve seen a number of better authors with this same problem, like Jim Butcher and Steven Brust, because we don’t really get to see their main characters outside of a crisis. Harry Dresden and Vlad Taltos are constantly calling in favors (and in Vlad’s case, sometimes being rather a jerk about it at the same time) but we never really get to see any of their downtime where presumably they’re doing stuff back for their friends or just being, y’know, friendly.

    Though in Harry and Vlad’s cases, at least they usually started off those relationships with helping those people out during an early story. We just don’t really see the regular maintenance of a friendship and have to be assured it’s there. Somehow I doubt LaHaye’s co-typist gives even that much assurance.

  3. This fictional world, much like Paul Stepola’s, is populated with spy types who seem to have no idea what operational security is.

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